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Weather of Athens

Athens is situated at a transition point between the Mediterranean and the Alpine climatic zones. The town has a typical Mediterranean climate, with the largest amounts of precipitation principally occurring from mid-October to mid-April; any precipitation is sparse during summer and falls generally in the form of showers and/or thunderstorms. Because it is situated in a strong rain shadow, however, Athens is very dry compared with most of Mediterranean Europe. The mountainous northern suburbs, however, experience a somewhat differentiated climate with generally lower temperatures and more considerable snowfalls in winter. Spring and late autumn are the best times to visit Athens. Summer can be extremely hot and dry during heatwaves, but these rarely happen. Winter is definitely low season, being cold with the occasional rainy or snowy day, but also an ideal time to save money while enjoying the town without countless other travellers and visitors.

Temperatures in Athens range from 4.65 to 31.25 (Celcius).

Athens Temp

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