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When people look for a free online translation service they don't want people that translate literally the text they want to be translated, people want someone who rewrites all the ideas in the text, making a new text that has the same meaning of the original text; A person who is capable of doing that is call "a translator". This is the main reason why translators are considered people who break culture barriers; they can communicate with two different cultures with different languages. Still, most people under-appreciate the great art of translating.

Professional translation

A translator is considered one of the best when:
He/she speaks at least a near-native level in the languages that he/she offers to translate; he/she has to understand all the text says in the source and target language.

He/she knows the effects of using determinate word in different cases and has great skills at writing and editing different kinds of texts.

And it would be better if he/she knows the writing style of the author of the original document, but this will be possible only if the translator works with that person/company regularly.

If you are looking for a professional translation, most companies work with a translation agency because they offer a complete work in an hour and guarantee the quality of the translation; you also can work with an independent translator but there are a few possibilities of mistakes and the work will be finished in more time than agencies, though prices will be cheaper.

Translate Greek

Translators know all the information related to translation agencies in Greece, because translators offer the same service, in this case they translate Greek, and they have to compete with the translation companies to stay in business.

However, many translators work for a company so they don t have to worry about promoting the service and getting clients, they only have to worry about the quality of their translations, this because translators are the soul of a translation company. Still, translators can work by themselves: they can work with the clients directly.

Many people and companies that offer a Greek translation, but most of them want to know the prices before choosing one; fortunately, the European Economic Chamber has the Translation and Interpreting Commission which regulates the certifications, standards, quality and prices for translations. For this reason all prices are the same for every company or translator that offer this service, but you have to choose one minding the quality of service that they provide. So be careful about that.

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