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Nightlife in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki gives new meaning to the word nightlife. The city's most fashionable nightlife district is Ladhadhika , near the harbour. It used to be rather seedy and run-down, but since the early 1990s has gone considerably more up market. Pedestrianized Katouni, Eyiptou and Platia Morihovou and surrounding streets are lined with a bewildering mix of caf s, windowless techno- barakia (complete with bouncers and sunglass-clad patrons), gelaterie, numerous ouzeris and even a few full-on taverns. Most establishments have a high turnover rate, so singling them out is fairly pointless: just stroll by and choose according to crowd and noise level. Another profitable hunting ground is Leoforos N kis , the seafront promenade that is a perennial volta favourite, while a cluster of trendy designer bars on the square opposite the White Tower is worth checking out. During the warmer months, action shifts to various glitzy, barn-like establishments lining the coast road out to Kalamaria , and to pedestrianized Dhimitriou Gounari, between the Arch of Galerius and the seafront, including bustling Platia Navarinou halfway down.

Bars and Clubs in Thessaloniki

Bars and Clubs offering live music are located in the area of the airport. Drinks cost 10 Euro while a bottle of whiskey costs 120 Euro. There are as well many caf s up by the castle that keeps going until late into the night.

Colonial, it is a trendy nightclub in the heart of the city. It's a must for the young people.

Decadence, Andreou Georgiou 23. It is a dancing club with international music inside Vilka multipurpose area 5min from the center.

Flocafe, Aristotelous 27. Serves some of the best coffee in the city, and has a strategically-placed terrace by the flowerbeds at the top of this lively, attractive street.

Interni, it is near the center at M. Alexandrou 6. New glamorous bar restaurant with nice view to the sea,

Kitchen, it is located in the center Port. New bar restaurant inside the port. Friendly atmosphere and light dishes.

Kourdhisto Gourouni, Aghias Sofias 31. There are several foreign brews on tap and a bewildering range of bottled varieties, at this stylish bar with indoor and outdoor seating; expensive food menu also.

Lido, Frixou 5. It is a dancing club with international music.

Lotos Bar, Romanou 4. It is located in opposite the White Tower and down a small side street, it can be hard to find, it`s Heineken sign (outside) being bigger than the bar s name. Looks just like a little house, steps up into the bar, low ceilings, bathrooms upstairs. There is a wide range of draft beer and friendly customers, who could ask for more.

Q, Zefxidhos 6. It is a pedestrian lane between Iktinou and Pavlou Mel . A former ouzer , now a trendy little caf -bar serving fruit juices, espresso and delicious hot chocolate in a contemporary decor of pale wood and cream leatherette with lots of leopardskin.

Ruby Tuesday, Aghias Sophias 3. It is a member of the famous chain. A casual dining with a big variety of tastes, located in the heart of the center.

Sante, Mitropoleos 70. Perhaps the most original caf in Thessalon ki, with a kitsch decor apparently inspired by the collectors' item packets of the ironically named Sant cigarettes. Good place to find out about music gigs; the tiny dance floor sometimes comes to life later on.

Cinema in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki has some one hundred cinemas, some of which are open-air for pleasant summer presentation. They tend to cluster between the White Tower and the Arch of Galerius; those known to concentrate on quality first-run material include Alexandhros, Ethnikis Amynis 1 (open in summer); Egnatia, Patriarhou Ioakim 1, corner Keramopo lou, by Aghia Sofia; Esperos, Svolou 22 (open in summer); Makedhonikon, Filikis Eterias, corner Dhimitriou Margariti; Navarinon, on the namesake plaza; and Vakoura, Ioannou Mihail 10. Open-air cinemas have all but vanished from downtown Thessalon ki, owing to spiraling property values; the only ones left are the Alex, at Olymbou 106; the nearby Aigli outside the Yeni Hamam; Ellinis, the summer branch of the Egnatia, on Platia H.A.N.TH.; and the comparatively remote Natali, at the start of Megalou Alexandhrou by the Macedonia Palace hotel.

Cultural Events in Thessaloniki

There are many Cultural Events in Thessaloniki, dance, opera, concert, theatre events among others.
  • March: Documentary Festival
  • August: The Wine Festival
  • September: International Trade Fare
  • September: Greek Song Festival
  • November: Thessaloniki Greek Film Festival

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