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Museums in Thessaloniki

Archaeology Museum
The museum was erected in 1962 by the architect Patroklos Karadinos and is regarded as one of the finest museums in Europe. Thessaloniki's Archaeology Museum is located near the famous White Tower and opposite the city's international fairgrounds; it houses a huge collection including the incredible treasures of the tomb of Alexander the Great's father, Phillip of Macedon, which was discovered at Vergina in 1977. Another treasured artifact is the 3rd century BC Derveni papyrus, the only intact ancient papyrus found in Greece, which was discovered in the tombs of Derveni. Other rooms in the museum contain exhibits depicting the history of the city from prehistoric days through to the Roman period, including spectacular mosaics and some exquisite, delicate Hellenistic glass. Address: 6 Manolis Andronikos St., Tel: 2310-830538, 831037

The Byzantine Museum
The Museum of Byzantine Culture was opened in 1984 and was erected by architect Kyriakos Krokos. It is one of the biggest and most important Byzantine museums in the world. It houses permanent and temporary displays and operates as a center for the investigation and study of the Byzantine culture. The museum's collection consist of sculptures, frescoes, mosaics, wall paintings, icons, coins, manuscripts, minor art, tombs, jewelry, clay vessels and glassware. The three permanent exhibitions are: Early Christian Period (design and decoration of churches, cities and dwellings), the Middle Byzantine Period and Late Byzantine Period. Address: 2 Stratou Avenue (near the University, walkable from the centre). Tel: 3031-868570. Fax: +3031-838597

Folklore Museum
This is the best museum of its type in Greece, totally restored during the last years, with well-written commentaries accompanying displays on housing, costumes, everyday work and crafts. There is a sharp, highly un-folkloric emphasis on context: on the role of woman in society, the clash flanked by tradition and progress and the cycle of agricultural and religious festivals. Address: 68, Vassilisis Olgas. Tel: 2310-830591

Water Museum of Thessaloniki
Water Museum of Thessaloniki works since 2001 under the responsibility of E.Y.A.Th. S.A. (The Thessaloniki Water Supply and Sewerage Co.) Visits of all levels of school pupils and students are organized to the restored buildings of the Museum. It offers possibilities for the realization of educational programs on the subject of water and water supply. Projections of videos on the water supply of Thessaloniki take place in an especially configurated area. Address: 127 ?gnatia Str., next to FIX factory. ?el: 2310 966 600. Fax: 2310 514 029.

Thessaloniki Museum of Photography
The Thessaloniki Museum of Photography is the only photography museum in Greece. Its goals comprise organizing displays and publications, supporting historical research and criticism on the subject of Greek photography, creating an updated library with titles and documents of Greek and international photographic literature, as well as enriching its collection with donations and purchases of historical and contemporary photographic works by Greek and foreign photographers. Address: 4 Neophytou Douka Str. Tel: +30 210 7228321-3

Museum of Attaturk
The founder of modern Turkey was actually born in Thessaloniki and his house has been turned into a historical museum. Don't be put off if the guard asks for your passport. No, it's not a small island of Turkish territory in the midst of Greece's second largest city, but with ocassional tensions between the two countries they don't want to take any chances of someone defacing the displays. The last time somebody blew up this house in the fifities it set off anti-Greek riots in Istanbul and the expulsion of several thousand remaining Greeks.

Museum of Macedonian Struggle
This is located in a late 19th century mansion which initially housed the Greek Consulate when it was under Turkish rule. Photographs, newspapers, documents and personal items tell the story. In the museum, gun and dagger are on display. Address: 23, Proxenou Koromila Str. Tel: 2310- 229778.

The Technology Museum of Thessaloniki
The Technology Museum of Thessaloniki was founded in 1978 as a cultural and educational non-profit organization. Its main objective is to offer to the public an environment that would facilitate the familiarization with and the understanding of Science and Technology. It is located at the outskirts of Thessaloniki, Greece, in a new complex that occupies a surface area of 14.000 m2. Tel: +30-2310-483 000 Fax: +30-2310-483 020.

White Tower Museum
The tower contains a museum that displays the history and art of Byzantine Thessaloniki covering the period between 300 and 1430 AD. There is a small cafe with a great sight at the top. Address: Nikis Avenue. Tel. 3031-267832.

Gallery of Fine Arts
1, Nic. Germanou Str. inside the building of the National Theatre, Tel: 238601. Important works of Greek and foreign painters.

Municipal Gallery
162, Vas. Olgas, Tel: 425531. Museum of the Crypt: Inside the church of Agios Dimitrios, Tel: 270591

Museum of the Society for Macedonian Studies
1, Nic. Germanou Str. Tel: 238601.

Northern Greece Cultural Centre
108, Vas. 01- gas Str., Tel: 834404.

Macedonian Centre of Modern Art
International Trade Fair grounds, Tel: 281567

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