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Schools in Greece

Studying in a local school of Greece is an enrollment procedure that varies from one region to another. Learning in one of the internationally renowned Greece schools as a local or foreign student could be a great experience. The education in Greece is compulsory. The education system consists of primary school, gymnasium or secondary education that prepares students to university for advanced academic study. Two school types are identified in regard to Upper Secondary Education: the Unified Lyceums and Technical Vocational Educational Institutes. Universities, institutions and Higher Technological Educational Institutes provide tertiary level education. Schools in Greece engage people in a wide array of opportunities.

Military schools

Military schools in Greece

Choosing the right career probably is a difficult decision, but if you choose to serve your nation, you must explore the things that match your interests. You should take a vocational test that determines the kind of work you would like to do. If the test shows that you could fit in the military very well, then go ahead and look for military schools in Greece. Remember that determination is one of the first things that are required from you.

Law schools

Law schools in Greece

Did you know that lawyers earn the highest average salaries in the world? But the work experience, the field of specialization and the level of education are some of the factors that affect the salary of a lawyer. The level of education will depend on what kind of school you choose among law schools. Obtaining a law degree, working in a major company or having your own consulting study depends on you. Don t hesitate and get ready to be the best.

Flight schools

Flight schools in Greece

The flight schools in Greece are properly trained to provide the best education and also offer FAA certifications. Take the time to study the requirements to be a pilot with a license in a suitable flight school. Flight lessons are available for beginner and advanced students. There are many flight careers, but you must look for experience and quality in the instruction that you receive. Taking into account these features before choosing a flight school will guide you in your way of becoming a pilot.

Pilot schools

Pilot schools in Greece

There are FAA-approved schools and non-approved schools; if you trying to become in a professional pilot, you should consider FAA-approved schools because they ensure a high quality training and prescribed standards with respect to curricula, equipment, facilities and personnel. Check for pilot schools locations in Greece and don t make the mistake of making a decision based on financial matters alone.

Technical schools

Technical schools in Greece

Technical schools cover a variety of challenging fields due to the global economy. Some of career areas include agriculture, business and marketing, public safety and security and technology. These schools are for people who are trying to find a way to earn money. Technical schools usually offer programs that cover the basic elements of any job. The classes depend on the actual socioeconomic status of the students.

Boarding schools

Boarding schools in Greece

The admission process in boarding schools is almost the same in all schools, and some steps apply exactly for everyone. In Greece, students usually fill out an application form and in some cases sign a Student Health Information form. If you re a new student, you re required to take an entrance evaluation and then pass an interview. If you re accepted, they will finally receive an admission package that contains all that you need for your stay at the boarding school.

Trade schools

Trade schools in Greece

Greece has around 14 trade schools in cities like Athens, Lamia, Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Crete among others and most of them offer specialized departments such as Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Design, Business, Applied Finance, Marketing and Informatics and Computer Technology. Definitely a trade school could be a good choice if you are thinking about pursuing a specialized career in a short time. Get information about admission, fees and requirements.

Massage schools

Massage schools in Greece

For thousands of years the massage therapy has been considered as a method of healing. Do you want to practice massage techniques that provide you a job opportunity as a massage therapist? The massages schools in Greece teach the use of rubbing and friction to resolve joint and circulatory problems through specialized massage therapists. Consider finishing a massage therapy career in a short time, and then apply for a specialization.

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