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Shopping in Santorini

Shopping in Santorini can be great fun. Small shops border the stone streets, while beautiful galleries, quality leather shops and loads of Gold shops sit side by side with local handicrafts and small souvenir shops featuring inexpensive buys. Even if you are not a fanatical shopper, Santorini's shopping market -especially in Fira- will prove to be more than tempting. Prices range from the very costly to the preposterously inexpensive.

Compared to Fira's market, the market in Oia is less flashy and more ethnic and local. The original and ingeniously decorated of shop s windows will certainly leave an impression on you. The pleasant small shops feature an assortment of artifacts and works of art from several countries and cultures. Similar shops can be found in Fira. Also, if you wish to buy cosmetics there are a large store in central Fira with a wide range of cosmetics, perfumes and sun protection products.

As you see, there you can find several goods to buy, jewelries, high quality leather goods and others as woven goods, folk art, and handicrafts. So, do not hesitate to go for Santorini shopping. The other thing that many people buy on the island is the wine. There are a number of wineries to visit and here you can taste some of Santorini s famous wines before deciding on your purchase. Other local products such as tomato juice can also be purchased at the wineries.

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