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After the devastating volcanic explosion, about 1650 BC, the island was covered with volcanic ash, lava and magma stone. This catastrophe created the foundation for perfect soil conditions which now help produce the very distinctive wines of Santorini. For this reason, one of the qualities of cuisine of Santorini is the wine. The wine trees are displayed in a manner that can be seen only in Santorini. Their branches are put in a way that makes them look like a basket. This way protects the wine trees from the high winds of the Cyclades. For that and many another reasons we say that the wine is the greatest specialty of Santorini and is appreciated all over the world. The wine of Santorini is always made in a traditional way. The wines are stored in the traditional "kanaves" (cellars). Some kanaves are popular and you can even test their wine. Between the most popular wineries are:

Boutari Winery
Boutari Winery (Tel. 32 2860 81606) is a very modern winery which is located near to Megalochori village on Santorini Greece. It was built in 1989-1990 and remains the only winery on the island that can be visited all year round. A large reception area is used for wine tasting and tours can be taken from here. The guides are very knowledgeable and explain the process clearly. The tour is followed by some tasting and costs of a couple of Euros.

Santo Wines
The Association Cooperatives of Theraic Products Santo Wines (Tel. 30 22860 22596) was founded in 1947 in order to protect the financial interests of island's agriculturists products producers in the Village of Pyrgos. It receives a lot of visitors and you can also enjoy a fantastic sight from the large balcony here of Santorini volcano and Fira. There is a sizeable reception where you can sample or buy wine that is also the starting point for tours. A tour costs a couple of Euros and you can pay a little extra for wine tasting. There is also a slide show available.

Canava Roussos
The Canava Roussos (Tel. 30 22860 31349) is one of the oldest wineries in Santorini and it has been established since 1836. The winery is actually rather small but you can admire the barrels and also have a look at the tank where the grapes are crushed. When you visit the winery, besides a tour of the canava, you will also enjoy wine tasting in the courtyard with its trailing vine, and a selection of cheese and local mezedes. The winery is open from the end of May until the end of September everyday from 10.00 to 20.00.

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