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Shopping in Rhodes

The entire city of Rhodes is taken over by tourist shops. If you like to shop then you have come to the right place. The market of Rhodes is one of the most highly developed in Greece. It would be difficult to find a town in Europe, the size of Rhodes with such a big number of shops, clustering along the streets. Here, in the big variety of shops, you'll find everything from electronics to works of art, from small decorative items of convenient prices to well known designer creations.

The plethora of shops clustered in the streets of the New City of Rhodes and in the stone-paved pathways of the Medieval City is supplying the tourist with everything he is dreaming of. The new city has a northern European feel to it rather than a Greek one and is comparable to shopping on Ermou Street in Athens in terms of diversity. In particular, the Old city is the place to go for shopping. Several shops sell classic and modern gold and silver jewellery as well as antique reproduction jewellery. The old city has your usual tourist shops but also has a big number of diverse gifts shops, boutiques, rugs and curiosities mixed in.

Leather goods (imported from Turkey and northern Greece) can also be found in Rhodes City, especially on Socrates Street (Odos Socratous). At the Ministry of Culture Museum Reproduction Shop (Ipitou Street) tourists will find fine reproductions of ancient statues, friezes, tiles and vases. Antique rugs, furniture, paintings and porcelain can also be found, especially in a superb old building with a pebbled floor standing near the Palace of the Knights. Rhodian wines can be bought from several shops throughout the island as well as the well-known and unique local honey (inhabitants are selling it in the villages of Siana and Vathi which are specialised in honey production). The attractive hand-woven rugs can be bought from some monasteries and in various shops in the capital and in the villages of Lindos, Afandou and Archangelos. Local lace and embroideries are also available in various shops all around the island. Other kinds of goods such as souvenirs, clothes, shoes, books, and more can be found in the several shops of the capital of Rhodes.

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