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Nightlife in Rhodes

The island of Rhodes is well-known for its nightlife because it is a very cosmopolitan place and has every thing to feature in terms of entertainment. Places like Faliraki were offered on international television for the behavior of the young people there. Now there is good news and bad news. Rhodes is not what it used to be. The good news is that it is probably better than anywhere you have been lately. The bars and clubs are not congested with people except during high-season. That means you can walk down the street and find a spot that plays the kind of music you like and probably be able to have a drink and a conversation and perhaps even dance if you are so inspired. There are at least 100 nightclubs on Rhodes, so you're sure to find one to your liking. Complicating troubles is a recent notice that the police, after countless complaints of noise and chaos till all hours, have decided to designate one area of the city for discos and bars, enabling them to stay open till whenever. When this area will be designated and where it will be is anyone's guess.

Clubs and Bars in Rhodes

The large variety of clubs and bars you'll find on Rhodes are filled with great rhythms of contemporary life. If you ask a taxi diver, a waiter or a receptionist, for the best clubs and bars to go that night, you'll get a list, as long as your arm. Dancing and amusement goes, in the clubs, on until the early morning hours. Bars only have a license to play music until midnight. Here westernized music is usually played, particularly in Faliraki and some parts of Rhodes City, certainly lived up to it's reputation with discos, laser shows, fabulous sound systems, karaoke and some of the most famous trend-setting discotheques in Europe, featuring excellent, trendy music and fantastic theme parties. Of course there is no shortage of places with rembetiko music.

Jamaica Bar
The oldest and most famous bar in Faliraki, it was established in 1983. It is situated right in the middle of Bar (Ermou) street in the center of Faliraki. In the course of the day, just lay back and enjoy a full breakfast, a light snack,or just a coffee or an ice cold beer. In the course of the night, try one of their delicious tropical fruit slush cocktails or a long drink or a glass of wine. There you will hear all the latest music for you or even 70's ,80's, reggae, rock to keep you entertained.

Sting Club
It is hottest Pub of the city. Come on down and join in the fun. You are certain to have a great time. Offering the latest sounds from the UK, the USA and around the world, with top British DJ's. It is the spot to see everyone and be seen by everyone. Dance the night away and and when it gets too hot, they have the coolest drinks in city, from the classic to the most exotic.

Blue Lagoon Pool Bar
25-Mart ou 2, Neoh ri. One of the better theme bars, in this case a "desert island" with palm trees, waterfalls, live turtles and parrots, a shipwrecked galleon - and taped music. Open March-Oct 8.30am-3am.

Colorado Club
The Colorado is the most well-known and best club in Rhodes. It is an exclusive club where you can enjoy three different kinds of music, in the three otherwise stage club. The Colorado has the better sound and light equipment. You found it at the most famous street of nightly life of Rhodes in Orfanidou street.

Caf Besara
Sofokl ous 11-13, Old Town. Congenial breakfast caf /low-key boozer run by an Australian lady, with interesting mixed clientele and live music some nights.

Christos' Garden/To Dhiporto
Dhilber ki 59, Neoh ri. This combination art-gallery/bar/caf occupies a carefully restored old house and courtyard with pebble-mosaic floors throughout. Incongruously classy for the area.

Colorado Entertainment Centre
Orfan dhou 57, cnr Akt Miaouli, Neoh ri. Triple venue: "pub" with live in-house band (rock covers), "club" with taped sounds, and quiet upstairs chill-out bar.

El Divino
Alex ndhrou Dhi kou 5, Neoh ri. Very classy, Greek-frequented "music bar" with garden seating and the usual range of coffees and alcohol. Open June-Oct.

Mango Bar
Plat a Dhori os 3, Old Town. Piped music and a variety of drinks at this durable bar on an otherwise quiet plaza; also a good source of breakfast after 8am, served under a plane tree.

Apollon ou Rodh ou 61, Neoh ri. Irish theme pub which serves Irish draught and claims to have live music nightly.

Reflection Bar
Reflections Bar is located in Rhodes City between Elli Beach and the windy side beach at the next block of the Casino of Rhodes. It is a pleasant cocktail bar in the center of City. The bar has been working since 1999 in a friendly and fun crowded atmosphere. They specialize in different kinds of shots and cocktails. All their drinks are made of top quality liquors. Indoor living room is totally air-conditioned.

Pl tonos 6, opposite the mosque. Live Greek reb tika and la k sounds, rather cheaper than nearby rival Caf Chantant . Weekends only in low season.

Iy Rogmi tou Khronou
Plat a Ari nos. Taped music (not house or techno) at a reasonable level and a congenial crowd make this newly opened bar worth a look.

Orf os 1, Old Town. The Baroque clocktower erected by Ahmet Fetih Pasha in 1857 is now the focus of possibly the most exclusive caf -bar in the Old Town. Admission charge to climb the tower, and steeply priced drinks, but you are paying for the terrific view.

Sticky Fingers
Antho la Z rvou 6, Neoh ri. Long-lived music bar with reasonable drinks; live rock several nights weekly from 10pm onwards. Fri & Sat only off-season.

Kelly's Bar
Kelly's Bar features a different atmosphere, appropriate for all ages from young to old. Sit indoors or outdoors. The bar is totally air conditioned to keep you cool on those hot Rhodian nights. Kelly's Bar plays Irish and other popular chart music. Live music performed twice a week. Also, sing a Karaoke song every night.

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