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Festivals in Olympia

Olympia counts with an immense selection of festivals dedicated to many different subjects, although they point in general to the same elevated goals, between the most important have:

The Peace Olympia Festival for Children:
This event is adapted to generate a spirit of freedom and tolerance, particularly in areas that suffered the damn of war. The idea is to help kids to regain balance between mind, body and spirit, and provide refuge to the conflicts they deal with. This festival happens in the famous site of the ancient games, and usually a number of around 200 children from communities with ethnic conflicts and threat of violence participate every year.

The Ancient Olympia Festival:
It is another festival that begins on July with a concert and ends in September, usually with a performance that honors the ancient Olympia.

The Olympia International Film Festival for Children & Young People:
It is also an interesting festival, of which the organization depends on important entities as the Ministry of Culture and the General Secretariat of Youth, as well as the main municipalities and authorities of the district, the Greek Film Centre, and the Audiovisual Institute, among others. The main reasons pursued by this festival are to inform, and encourage the film creation and the development of audiovisual programs, especially for children and young people.

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