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Nightlife in Mykonos

The nightlife of Mykonos is contemplated by many to be amongst the best in Europe. Mykonos is rated amongst the top clubbing destinations in the Mediterranean, along with Ibiza, Ayia Napa and Rimini. Mykonos also fascinates world famous DJs to its beach bars, the most famous of which are Paradise, Super Paradise and Paranga. In addition, Mykonos is a gay friendly resort area throughout the summer, featuring several gay clubs. Mykonos nightlife centers principally on bars rather than clubs, yet there are notable clubs also.

The constant celebration of Mykonos is one of the things that keep visitors returning annually and fascinates some of the new arrivals. Tourism was initially increased by the hippie generation, the rich and famous and a big gay population, though the freedom of Mykonos continues to be the theme. Mykonos has a way that welcomes every one of all ages, attitude and sexual orientation; the beauty is that everyone co-mingles as one. The celebration hot spots change with the day and the time of the season, though you can be assured of a wild time every year from mid July through the end of August, without fail, throughout the island. It is up to the individual to find or create the 'party' that suits your style. "Free your mind and the rest will follow."

Clubs and Bars

Many clubs and bars are very elegant with modern decors and feature a wide range of costly drinks (as is almost everything in Mykonos) and some other are designated for a young crowd, playing electronic music, ragga, etc. All they have fashionable and modern decors and feature a wide range of costly drinks.

Paradise Club
Crowds of people from the beach congregate in to enjoy the most popular activity held at Paradise Beach, Mykonos Island. Dancing and enjoying the creative cocktails and drinks. After sunset, the air is filled with fireworks, pulsating house music, techno, rock etc. which makes it difficult to resist. The party starts every day around 4:00 or 5:00, with the peak in July and August.

Cavo Paradiso Club
Undoubtedly the best disco on the island. Cavo Paradiso has a fantastic sight of the sea and a swimming pool in the middle of the club, where you can party and dance till well after the sun comes up. Don't bother if you enter the Cavo Paradiso at 4 a.m. and you won't find anybody. Here the "night" begins at 5-5:30 a.m. and lasts till 10 a.m.

Astra Bar
Astra Bar has a somewhat small dance floor inside and an outdoor seating area that is almost always packed with very hip and trendy Greeks. The throbbing music adds to the party environment that extends into the early morning hours. Astra is located directly across from Aigli in the Three Wells area of Mykonos Town.

Tropicana Beach Club
Undoubtedly the best pre dinner on the island. A minimarket and a bar during the day, at 6 p.m. the Tropicana Beach Club gets crowded out of Italian guys and girls who go there to follow the performances of Sas , Tropicana vocalist/animator.

Caprice Bar
Caprice Bar has continued over the years to be an incredibly famous bar. Situated on the edge of the sea wall in Little Venice, with entrances at the front and back, this bar can be packed wall to wall, particularly with Greeks from Athens, enjoying the music, cocktails and trendy party environment.

Down Under
Down Under is a bar located in the town of Mykonos and it is one of the most old-fashioned bars on the island. Tourists from all the cities have been coming here from 1971. It's the site where you can leave your worries outside the door, enter and hang out with the rest of the crowd with the music in your ears and the drink in your hands.

Celebrities Bar
Celebrities principally fascinates the hip and brings together fashionable Greek crowd, not only from the island, but the mainland too. Situated on fashionable Matogianni Street, Celebrities keeps the music pumping and pours a steady stream of alcohol for an enthusiastic crowd. This is one of the sites to go if you want to see how the some of the trendy Greeks party the night away.

El Pecado - Remezzo Bar
El Pecado - Remezzo has added to the busy nightlife of Mykonos for several years. Situated at the start of the harbor front, close to the guarded gatehouse, you just need to follow the music to find the party. El Pecado can become very crowded at times; making it somewhat difficult to find the dance floor, but that is what the party season is about on this island. Take a drink and get into the movement of the night.

Galleraki Bar
Galleraki an exceptionally hip and famous place, particularly with Greeks, is situated at the waters edge in Little Venice. Galleraki has an outdoor seating area where people of all ages enjoy the music, drinks and conversation under the stars; a tiny bar, that serves the outdoor area, can squeeze a few intimate friends inside its doors; and up the stairway you will find a beautiful, bigger bar with a dance floor and balcony. The dj plays a mix of music, including Greek, to satisfy a wide diversity of people.

Kastro Bar
Kastro Bar is calm, cozy and a famous place, particularly with the gay crowd, for conversation and socializing. The location is wonderful for sunset cocktails, as it hangs over the sea in Little Venice. The professional and friendly service united with classical music and a good mix of guests just might seduce you to linger through the late evening hours.

Montparnasse Piano Bar
Montparnasse, situated in the area of Mykonos known as Little Venice, initially opened as an art gallery in the late 1960's. Later it became a bar, attracting patrons with classical music and wonderful sights of the sunsets. In 1995, Montparnasse took on a new face that of a Cabaret/Piano Bar. Merging with the already well-established Piano Bar, Montparnasse still hosts a wonderful sunset cocktail hour and contains the art work of local artists Luis Orozco and Dorlies Shapitz.

Space Dance
Excellent Disco just in the focus of Mykonos Club. Here you can listen to some great house and techno music from 3 a.m. until 6-7 a.m.

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