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Moving might be one of the most stressful things for people, because it represents many problems, procedures, contracts, checks, methods of financing, etc. This task may seem complicated, but if it is done with due care is not as complex as it seems.

The two essential ingredients for a successful moving are: the volumetric capacity of the vehicles used and the number of people involved. You can get help from a group of friends or hire a professional staff. If you lack either of these two elements, the move can become a real headache.

Moving does not mean taking everything.

Moving is a stressful project, but it can be also seen as an opportunity to get rid of those things that you don t longer use or decide if you have space for such items in the new home.

When you decide to carry out the move yourself remember to take into account factors such as: distance related costs (petrol, accommodation, food, packaging, etc.) and don t forget to get information about movers in the area where you are going to live.

Keep in mind that organization is the key for a successful move; this is the time to start writing the details for a move or relocation.

Choosing a moving company

Choosing moving companies may seem a laborious task. Considering these factors, you can make a better decision on which company best fits your needs:
  • Having enough time to choose the appropriate company. Planning ahead will help you to find the best company, in addition to comparing prices and even receiving recommendations and acquaintances from friends who have gone through this process. It ll be helpful if you start your search at least 4 weeks before you move.
  • Considering how much you carry and how much you're willing to pay. Remember to consider the amount of money you have for moving. Packing things yourself is a great way to save money but will take longer time. If you decide to hire a professional, probably you ll need to book the service in advance.
  • Factors that determine the cost of moving.There are two factors: Size: if your packages have more weight, the cost is higher and distance: You should take into account not only the number of miles, also the geographical coverage of the company in which you are interested.
  • Checking what kind of objects do not transport the moving companies. Never send objects such as jewelry, personal documents, insurance policies, legal documents, valuable personal things, etc.

Things to do during your move

  • Moving is change, if you like the change then it will go well, just have to take things calmly.
  • As a moving is a change, you must try as possible to give away or sell everything you do not need.
  • When you want to give away or sell everything you have (old furniture, electronics, computers and clothes), you must consider that many of your things will not be sold for much money, so it is preferable to give them to someone in need. Giving things away is sometimes the best solution.
  • Using many cardboard boxes and a thick marker or pencil to divide things in categories: personal items, clothing, toys, and books.
  • Moving is related to decisions of what you'll get, you will burn, you're going to give away or you're going to sell. Once you have all decided, the mover will be easier.
  • Paying special attention to this questions and answers:

  • What do you need to live? Water + Bed + Stove + Fridge
    What do you need to live better? Previous + Washing Machine
    What do you need to live as king? Previous + Music Reproducer
    What do you need to escape from the real world? Previous + Computer
  • A very important detail you should never forget is getting information about new opportunities or a job vacancy in the place where you are moving, for this you can search in the employment section of local newspapers.

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