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Telephones in Greece

OTE is the official telecommunications operator of Greece, it is the main player in fixed-line telephony. The company covers the whole country with digital PSTN and ISDN telephone lines and also offers ADSL in all urban areas. OTE is a group of companies owning, besides the OTE fixed-line company, an ISP (Otenet), a mobile phone company (Cosmote) and many other companies including OTE International Investments which in its turn owns lots of telcos in Southeastern Europe (Bulgaria, Republic of Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, etc.).
  • Telephones - main lines in use: 6,348,800 (2004)
  • Telephones - mobile cellular: Greece has four mobile telecom companies; Cosmote, Vodafone, TIM and Q-Telecom. Number of active lines are 12,500,000 (Dec 2005).
  • Telephone system
    • General Consideration: Ample and Modern Networks reach all areas; microwave radio relay carries most traffic; 20.000 kilometers of fiber optics and extensive open-wire network; submarine cables to off-shore islands.
    • Good Mobile Telephone and international service domestic: 100% digital; microwave radio relay, open wire, and submarine cable.
    • Submarine Cable to offshore islands international: 100% digital; tropospheric scatter; 8 submarine cables; satellite earth stations - 2 Intelsat (1 Atlantic Ocean and 1 Indian Ocean), 1 Eutelsat, and 1 Inmarsat (Indian Ocean region).


Newspapers in Greece

At present, the press is the second most important font of information for Greeks (after television), and it is highly concentrated in the hands of few publishers. There is a total of 88 newspapers in circulation, of these 9 are morning, 15 evening, 22 Sunday and 17 weekly newspapers. In the category of specialised newspapers there are six financial papers and 19 sport newspapers . Lambrakis Organization is the largest media company in Greece, with interests in newspaper and magazine publishing and printing, in tourism agencies (affiliated companies), terrestrial television stations (Mega Channel), production studios and press distribution agencies. The company also has a call centre, CRM services, and operates the largest and most well known Greek language Internet portal, and e-commerce operations. Most of the newspapers have a website and their editions are online.


Radio and TV in Greece

The reestablishment of democracy in 1974 brought new inpetus to the Greek media landscape. Television became the central mean of information and entertainment, thus gaining a significant role in people's everyday life. Today, television is a well-established feature of contemporary Greek society, having assumed a central role in people's lives. It has become the major source of information, entertainment and culture for the mass public. Nowadays, there are three public channels and nearly 150 private channels (most of these are regional/local). The state radio and television broadcasting organization is ERT (Elliniki Radiofonia kai Tileorasi - Greek Radio & Television). The station preserves 3 national television stations, ET-1, NET (Nea Elliniki Tileorasi) and ET-3 which is based out of Thessaloniki. In January 2006, ERT launched Digital Terrestrial Television with 3 channels. By March 2006, at least 65% of the Greek inhabitants will be able to view Digital TV for free with the use of set-top boxes. ERT also operates 7 national radio stations, including ERA 5, the Voice of Greece, which broadcasts internationally via shortwave. ERT is based in Athens.

The first non-pirate private radio station to broadcast in Greece was Athena 9,84 FM, in 1987. Private television started in November, 1989 when Mega Channel began operating. At the moment, over 1,000 radio stations and approximately 150 television stations broadcast in Greece. Digital satellite broadcasting began in 1999 by a corporation called Nova. Radios: 5.02 million (1997) Television broadcast stations:64 (plus about 1,000 low-power repeaters); also two stations in the US Armed Forces Network (1999) Televisions: 2.54 million (1997)

Broadcast tower

Postal Services in Greece

ELTA is the state-owned postal service provider of Greece. A number of private courier services, such as ACS and Speedex, also operate in Greece. In General the post offices are open Monday to Friday from 7.30am to 2pm, though certain main branches have hours until the evening and on Saturday morning.

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