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Job Search in Greece

Because of high-unemployment problems, and the requirement to employ nationals of the EEA, the usual job search can be difficult for foreigners. Greece, obviously, tries to add value to its economy, skilled workers and so foreign workers are preferred. According to statistics, young people decide to travel to Greece in order to grow professionally and find interesting job offers.

The advantage of looking for a job in Greece locally, rather than through internet, is that you will see exactly where you will work and who your employer will be. In case you want to get a summer job, you can find several newspaper advertisements or find some offers on websites and in general Greek forums.

Job search tips

There are numerous seasonal jobs in hotels, cafes, bars, travel agencies and car rental offices, to name just a few. In order to get a good job, the candidate needs to be prepared for the job interview. Get a good resume that emphasizes professional qualifications, experience and level of English.

Resume templates

While writing your resume, there are two things you need to do perfectly: Firstly, the resume layout, and secondly, the use of industry-specific keywords. To prepare a good resume, you can find some resume templates online that let you know how to do it. Many websites have resume templates from various employment options and situations.

Writing a cover letter

Don t forget to write a cover letter, this letter is necessary because it gives employers an idea of who you are. Show from your research why you are interested in this position or organization and highlight some of your most relevant experiences and qualities as they relate to the position you are applying for.

Resume examples

In the resume sample, you should provide information about your academic activities and your professional experience. Use simple words to describe your profile and remember that your objective is to show interviewers that you can make a good role in the position. Send your resume to the correct person, Human Resources Manager or main Recruiter in the company. Your resume is acceptable with two pages max, and if there is a phone number available then call to make sure they had received your resume, it will show employers your interest. (See also resume examples)

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