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Insurance in Greece

When the consumers talk about insurances companies they have a superficial idea but don t know the details, it is the fault of the consumer. They don t give importance to know what it is and why they are paying for. If you want to know a little more of the different types of insurances, here explain you more about it.

Insurances brokers in Greece offers medical insurance, car insurance, travel insurance, home insurances. With several benefits like: emergency, evacuation, maternity, repatriation, dental treatment, therapies and specialist consultations. Also if you travel overseas there are insurances companies that offer you health coverage.

You must know the details about the terms, conditions and coverage of your current policy must be your responsibility. The insurances agencies mail you information so that you could read it. This information is very important.

When you make the purchase must be confident that the product we are buying will cover your needs. You could ask to sales agent for explains about all the coverage in detail offered by the policy. If you already have a policy insures make sure that they are complying with the benefits offered. Do not be surprised if you hear of cases where benefits are not exploited by the simple fact of not knowing the coverage of his policy.

When traveling to different destinations is important know its laws and customs because these are different in each country and could cause some problems if you do not know about it. While there may be similarities with other Western countries do not always coincide so here we specify certain details that should be taken into consideration while making his trip to Greece.
  • A custom in Greece is to act appropriately without making scandals even if they are influenced by others. There are strict punishments for people who have a behavior rude, indecent and scandalous.
  • Accidents involving motorcycles, scooters, quads can be very serious even some are fatal. It is important to know if your insurance travel covers such accidents but if you do not wear helmets, insurance is canceled.
  • The police will not hesitate to detain people with indecent behavior. The courts impose heavy penalties and custodial sentences.
  • In hot and dry summer sometimes forest fires occur. You should take precautions when driving through wooded areas.

Greek insurance information

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Home Insurance

Home insurance in Greece are for Holiday Homes, these are similar to the UK insurance policies have coverage for contents of refrigerators and valuables from the house. Generally rent a vacation property is not easy in Greece. When you renting a property for a period longer than 3 months must obtain a license EOT from office of tourism, the Greek authorities are awaiting these actions if they are caught in the act and no license will be deported and fined a considerable sum.

Car Insurance

There are several types of car Insurance policies Greece. All these policies have civil responsibility package, which provides coverage of corporeality injuries and material damages caused to third parties. If we want better protection the insure agencies also offers roadside assistance. The costs depend on the make, model, age, driving record holder and place of residence.

Life Insurance

During the year, there are certain facts that have higher priority, such as buying life insurance will take care to protect your family financially in your absence. The insurance companies offer coverage of the death of insured. When you make the contract you could choose the amount and duration of the policy. They also offer health care coverage hospital, disabled by accident, terminal illness.

Travel Insurance

Have the freedom to enjoy the travel whether for business or pleasure make us think of purchasing travel insurance. There are insurance policies with different coverage such as medical expenses, trip interruption, emergency medical care, treatments, and many more now only remains to choose the most appropriate for the type and travel time you perform.

Health Insurance

In Greece emergency care are equally free regardless of their nationality. There are also outpatient clinics in rural areas for emergency situations. It is advisable to purchase health insurance if you decide to stay for a long time. Health insurance may cover a portion of the bill that is not covered by the government.

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