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Festivals in Hydra

If you like more traditional entertainment tries to plan your visit around one of the island's major festivals. The Miaoulia Festival in mid-June sees a spectacular mock battle in the harbor to honor the exploits of Greek hero Admiral Miaoulis during the War of Independence. The highlight of the celebrations is the burning of a boat at sea as a tribute to the sailors who risked their lives in this dangerous enterprise.

On an altogether more peaceful note, the International Puppet Theatre Festival organized by the municipal cultural office takes place here at the end of July and appeals to children of all ages.

Easter is the most important religious celebration on Hydra, a particularly colorful and moving experience here. Hydra's prosperity allows for grand celebrations, with a special emphasis on performances of choral music. Reservations must be made well ahead of time for all of these festivals.

And frequent art exhibitions are organized throughout the year and especially during the touristy period where several artists who live on the island display their work in various galleries, in cafes and in the streets.

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