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Hydra Cuisine

Speaking of cuisine, Hydra is a food-lover's paradise. The food is mostly excellent, even in the cafes on the waterfront which have a lot of options but are a little costly. Then again you know how it is when you are at a place where the main entertainment is people-watching. You pay for the good seats and except for Mykonos, these are the best seats in Greece. For a cheap night out your best bet is to go to one of the restaurants on the back streets and do your eating and drinking there. In the daytime people eat along the shore where the sea breeze keeps them cool and they can take a swim before or after lunch.

Restaurants in Hydra

You can eat both traditional Greek and international food in the many restaurants on Hydra. Two of the most popular restaurants found in Hydra Town are the Vigla Restaurant (Tel. 22980-54154) and Ydronetta Restaurant (Tel. 22980-54160). Here you can dine on authentic Greek food and fine wine while indulging in some relaxing people-watching.

The most old-style restaurant by far is Leonidas Taverna (Tel 0298-53097) in Kala Pigadia. Take Miaoulis, the road close to the monastery and keep walking and eventually you will see it your right maybe. But your best bet is to call and make reservations before you come because it is small and popular. Easier to find is the Sunset Restaurant which sits on the ramparts overlooking the rocks where everyone swims just beyond the harbor. The food is excellent and the view is too. It is a great place for dinner or lunch and an ouzo and meze while you watch the sunsets that Hydra is famous for. Also the Garden of Taste (Tel. 22980-53705) is an excellent place located 30 meters from the port, close to the City Hall. It is a beautiful tavern with history, tradition and friends from all over the world. It has got beautiful interior and magnificent large open area with garden. You can taste a great variety of snacks, fresh fish and sea food, pizzas and salads.

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