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Beaches in Hydra

Hydra does not possess any of the golden beaches that charm the other Greek islands, but its rocky shores have their own wild charm. The water is always crystal-clear and has an amazing color. You have got access to them on foot, with donkeys or sea transportation means. Between the most popular beaches are: Kaminia, Spilia, Hydronetta and Mandraki Beach.

Kaminia Beach
Kaminia is situated about 20 minutes between Vlihos and Hydra City, Kamini is a small, natural and picturesque fishing port surrounded by a few taverns; the small area is called Mikro Kamini (Small Kamini) and, because of its safety and its shallow clear waters, it is the ideal place for parents and children.

Spilia Beach
Spilia is a beautiful rocky area with deep blue water nearby the main harbor where the grey crags have been blasted and laid with cement that forms sun decks. It fascinates many tourists every year and it is an ideal place to enjoy the panoramic harbor sight. It is also a place where you can have snacks and drinks, day and night.

Hydronetta Beach
Hydronetta is close to Spilia, it is another beautiful beach for swimming with cemented sun decks and profound blue waters. It is a very popular place due the bar that hangs from the rocks, playing relaxing ambience music 20 hours a day and offering one of the most magnificent sights over the sea and the surrounding islands.

Mandraki Beach
Mandraki is reached by a 25 minutes walking from the main harbor, 7 minutes by boat, or 3 minutes by sea taxi. It is a pebble organized beach, with clear waters, several water sports equipment for rent (such as windsurf, water-ski, beach volley, etc.) and a great view over the Peloponnese

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