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Health Care in Greece

The social insurance fund is a national healthcare system in Greece. All employees are enrolled in this public health system that includes five different categories:
  • Primary insurance funds.
  • Supplementary insurance funds.
  • Sickness insurance funds.
  • Provident funds.
  • Mutual aid societies.

National healthcare system in Greece

This system is funded by public sector employees and employees and employers in the private sector also contribute. Another contribution made by the government through the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

The National Health Service (NHS) operates and controls the services provided by health centers, hospitals and schools; the NHS promotes a better quality of services and support the health insurance funds.

Greek people are among the healthiest people and have one of the highest life expectancies in the United States. Considering some statistics, the incidence of heart disease is among the lowest in the world, probably attributed in large part to their diet that consists of using lots of garlic, olive oil and red wine.

The health system is not one of best things about the Greek. Since 1983 the government is making a real effort to improve attention and put specialized schools at the service of the community to increase the education related to the health field. Look for schools that are qualified for areas in medicine, nurse, pharmacy and dental.

Medical schools

Medical schools in Greece

Consider that many lives are in your hands; in this sense, it is essential to achieve a broad knowledge. The medical schools in Greece are accredited in case that you want to study one of the most renowned and required careers in the world. Get a medical degree is not easy; it implies tolerance and hard work. Once you ve understood the basic concepts about medicine, you will understand what you need to do at the moment of studying a medical career.

Nursing schools

Nursing schools in Greece

Another profitable career level is nursing. If you decide to choose this career, just do it because you feel that it is your vocation. The effort that you must put to get a nursing degree is too much. Most nursing schools in Greece include biology, chemistry, anatomy, nutrition, physiology, microbiology, psychology, nursing and other behavioral sciences in their programs.

Pharmacy schools

Pharmacy schools in Greece

Knowing the composition, the characteristics and the reactions of certain substances are a part of the study of chemistry and are some of the most important matters that pharmacy schools are trying to teach. Are you sure that you know what is needed to obtain a job in a pharmacy? What would your salary be? Before starting a career, try to learn as much as you can about the specialties that pharmacy schools offer to achieve your goals.

Dental schools

Dental schools in Greece

The dental career is related to health, but it is also esthetic. Dental Schools offers to its students careers as a dentist, a dental assistant, a dental hygienist and a laboratory technician, and each career has their own educational needs, certifications requirements and licensing. Dental career is an exciting, challenging and rewarding profession.

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