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Employment in Greece

Seasonally adjusted, the rate of unemployment in Greece marginally dipped to 18.5 percent in February 2019 from 18.6 percent in the prior month. Youth unemployment staggeringly rose to 39.70 percent in January this year. Youth unemployment in Greece has averaged 35.5 percent since 1998, with an all time peak over 60% in early 2013.  The lowest itr has been recorded was at 20% in May, 2008. .The unemployment rate in Greece was the fourth highest among sixteen European countries after Spain, Slovakia and Ireland. Greece is a country who offers good weather, friendly people and some beautiful landscapes. Of course any opportunities to find work would be in tourist areas like Athens or coastal tourist-destinations such as those in the most popular Greek islands of the Mediterranean.

Employment agencies

Faced with this crisis, many people decided to look for a job through employment agencies which are a very useful tool for people who need a job. Companies are interested in finding people with technology and computer skills because we live in a new world where technology comes first.

Companies are offering part-time, long-term, and temporary positions by employment agencies in Greece. Many part-time and short-term jobs in Greece are for businesses that don't want to pay their full share of employment taxes. Recently, many young people decide to go to Greece in order to get a summer job and these agencies help them find the right position.

Most of the time, employers look for a candidate who has a good attitude during the job interview. It's important that candidates emphasize achievements and goals and also, have a good resume counts. Plus, you have to write your professional experience and education briefly. A job interview is the main step in the job search process, you should be 5 or 10 minutes in advance and never be late, dress properly and avoid the feeling of nervousness that interviews produce. Additionaly, also you may consider create a professional resume. You can try some free resume templates in website like FreeResumeSamples or pay for professional resume services.

If you are still not sure about working in Greece, you can take a look to state jobs in the USA; this is a good alternative to find job opportunities. In order to get a good job, the candidate needs to be prepared for the job interview and get a good resume that emphasizes professional qualifications, experience and English level.
In Greece there are numerous seasonal jobs in business like hotel resorts, cafes, bars, travel agencies and car rental offices, to name just a few.

The advantage of looking for a job in Greece locally instead of online employment agencies, is that you will see exactly where you will work and who your employer will be. In case you want to get a summer job, the best season to get a job in this european country, you can find several advertisements in newspaper, tv or magazines or find some offers on websites and in general Greek job information forums.
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