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Eating & Drinking in Greece

Greeks love their food as much as anyone. The exclusive tastes of Greece assure that you are in for several culinary surprises during your stay in the country. The Greek cuisine is popular through the world for its good quality products and the amazing taste of its food. Contrary to common belief, you will discover that Greek cuisine is not only moussaka, souvlaki and choriatiki salata, but has a wide diversity of dishes that can meet the culinary demands of both meat-eaters and vegetarians in an extremely satisfying way. Nevertheless, there are restaurants and tavernas all over the country that offer, not appropriate Greek cuisine, but dishes and tastes from all over the world. Some dishes are the same everywhere in Greece and the Greek Islands, while some others are local culinary specialties or same dishes cooked in diverse manners (in islands, Crete, Thessaloniki, etc).

Greek Cuisine

Greek cuisine is a mixture of foreign influences and home-grown traditions. Nearby Italy and Turkey have left a major impact on Greek cuisine, and there are shared dishes with both of these nations, as well as a plethura of Greek originated dishes. The traditional Greek diet is very Mediterranean, adopting vegetables, herbs, and grains native to the Mediterranean biome. Being a highly maritime nation, the Greeks incorporate plenty of seafood into their diet. The country is also a major producer and consumer of lamb; beef, pork, and especially chicken are also popular. Olive oil is a staple in Greek cooking, and lemon and tomato paste are common ingredients. Bread and wine are always served at the dinner table.

Restaurants in Greece

In Greece you will find several restaurants of different sizes and diversities as well. There are the popular restaurants that would normally serve what travelers most often desire, and there are restaurants that cater exclusively to visitors . If you visit Greece as part of a tour group, chances are that you will mostly frequent such establishments. The food quality and service in both cases is exceptional, and the restaurants themselves are very clean. You usually find them in or around the most popular spots of Greece (like Olympia) and the tour busses automatically unload their passengers at such restaurants before or after a visit to a major archaeological site. The prices fluctuate but as a rule they are high, although they are often included in the tour price for a substantial discount. There are also restaurants that provide mostly to visitors away from archaeological places. They are placed in the busiest parts of town, such as the waterfront of most coastal towns and islands. They also exhibit exceptional service, delicious food, and moderate to high prices. In fact, the closer you get to the waterfront, the higher the prices seem to climb. But there is no price too high to pay for a late dinner right next to the slithering reflections of the moon over the gentle waves. A little further wandering around the narrow streets of most cities will reveal the places that the locals frequent. Although there is no written rule that establishes such restaurants as better than others, a little exploration might recompense the visitor with a restaurant that offers great Greek food at great prices, and in an authentic local atmosphere. An option worth checking out if you are budget conscious, or if you plan to stay in one place for a long time.

Fine Dining Establishments In Greece

If you've never experienced the delight of authentic Greek cuisine then you'll be in for a treat on holidays to this sun drenched country. Foods such as the Chaniotiko Boureki (potatoes with zucchini, myzithra cheese and mint) and Souvlaki (spiced kebab) are particularly worthy of mention.

This is one of the stand-out dining establishments in Athens. Visitors can enjoy spectacular rural views while indulging in dishes made from the freshest local produce. You may find that a Greek wine such as Boutari's grand reserve or Commandaria act as the perfect accompaniment to a meal.

This stylish dining establishment is extremely popular among people living in the capital of Greece. International travellers will also find much to like about the seafood and meat dishes created by the highly skilled resident chefs.

Limeni Fish Taverna
Seafarers make daily trips out across the Ionian Sea to catch the fish that are used in the creation of meals at this charming village restaurant. The cooks compliment the flavour of shrimp, cod and squid by adding an assortment of home grown vegetables. You are invited to sit down and enjoy this food in the company of the friendly locals.

Don't be surprised if you see the elite members of Greek society when visiting this refined restaurant in Kos. Politicians, local singers and a host of other celebrities all share a liking for the home made meals served in the luxurious dining areas. You may well look back on an evening at this place with some fondness.

Waves On The Rock
This restaurant has a distinctly Mediterranean feel. It is run by a friendly fisherman who knows a thing or two about how to prepare sumptuous seafood dishes. You are encouraged to give the crab soup a try!

Drinking in Greece

Drinking in Greece

Almost, there is no drinking age limit in Greece. Anyone is welcome to drink as much as their heart wish, and everyone is expected to act civil before, during, and after drinking. Driving after drinking is of course not counseled and strongly discouraged by a very active police who employ breathalyzers en masse after hours. Obviously, there is no age limit to enter bars in Greece and no-one checks IDs although lately many bars post signs that no one under 16 will be served unless accompanied by a parent or guardian...

Cooking schools

Cooking schools in Greece

Research and compare cooking school locations, culinary degrees offered, cost, facilities, class size, and reputation to find the one that will help get your career. Almost all cooking schools are accredited throughout the world and will train you to be the head chef of your own fabulous restaurant.

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