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Eating & Drinking in Santorini

Eating is one the biggest enjoyments in Santorini, a style of life for the Santorinians and for the Greeks in general. Its food is a mixture of climatic factors and the tastes of those who have occupied and lived on the island.

The cuisine of Santorini is mostly based on the island's own agricultural products. These locally mature products cultivated by the volcanic soil, the sea breeze and the sunshine of the Aegean Sea, share a unique and complete taste. Combined with the almost singularly organic cultivation of the island the result is top quality produce from ingredients used to cook the original, tasty and healthy foods you will find in most of the island's taverns and restaurants. Traditional dishes such as tomato balls, the Santorini salads, split peas in all their variants, white aubergines, stuffed round courgettes, omelettes, cooked capers, fresh cheese, and local specialties including apoxti (a type of cured ham), sausages, wild rabbit with a cheese and egg sauce, brantada, sweet melitinia, and saffron bread rusks, all express the rich and diverse cuisine of the island's culture.

Restaurants in Santorini
Restaurants are not a place to have a taste to eat before an evening of entertainment, they are the entertainment. And whether you go to a local tavern or to a chic restaurant you will see that the Greeks take their time over food. Taverns are usually more inexpensive than restaurants - they feature simple but tasty dishes...

Santorini Wine
After the devastating volcanic explosion, about 1650 BC, the island was covered with volcanic ash, lava and magma stone. This catastrophe created the foundation for perfect soil conditions which now help produce the very distinctive wines of Santorini. For this reason, one of the qualities of cuisine of Santorini is the wine...

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