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Eating & Drinking in Rhodes

Eating out on Rhodes, as well as throughout Greece, is one of the largest enjoyments, a way of life. Breakfast is light, lunch is eaten in the early afternoon. Dinner usually doesn't begin until 10 p.m.

Rhodes is a paradise for delicious food. All lovers of good food will be pleased. This city features incalculable opportunities for food and drink, from fish specialities to grilled meat, without forgetting the traditional atmosphere inherent in its taverns. You must try out the mezedes, a diversity of small Greek dishes often accompanied by the local aperitif, ouzo. The ones that most pleased our taste sprouts in order of preference were dolmades, vine leaves filled with lamb and rice, fried in oil and then served cold. You can also try out the kalamaraki (grilled squid), the tiropitta with goat's cheese, and choriatiki salata, feta-based traditional Greek salads. No matter what you do during your holidays on Rhodes, to try the local cuisine is a complete must. In any case, all dishes making up the Rhodian kitchen are a surprise for anybody, trying them the first time, cooked as only Rhodians know how.

Restaurants in Rhodes

A restaurant is more than a place to have a taste before the evening entertainment, very often, dinner is the entertainment. Whether in a small taverna or in the most chic restaurant, Greeks take their time over food. Rhodes features a multitude of different eating choices, to suit all tastes and pockets and to satisfy even the most demanding tastes and international clients. From top class, deluxe restaurants serving international cuisine to simply furnished, but suitably decorated, basic Greek Tavernas to small coffee shops serving light snacks, you'll find all the kinds of dining establishments that you could dream of. There are also ethnic restaurants serving Chinese, Indian, Scandinavian, German and Italian food. For those who want something quicker or simpler there are a lot of fast-foods, selling Souvlaki and Gyros Pitta (the number one Greek fast-food), Chips and burgers. Here we mentioned some restaurants that offer different dishes:

Romeo Restaurant
It is located at 7, Menekleous St., inside the castle walls of the Old City of Rhodes. (Tel. 22410 74402). Romeo is one of the examples which remember the old area and yet preserve their very personal style. A construction with a 500 year old history makes it possible for you to get one step closer to the middle ages and Greek culture, as well. The decor at Rodeo faithfully takes the spirit of the Old City of Rhodes, with tasteful use of stone, polished-wood floors and a roomy first-floor dining room which is decorated with motifs that evokes the days of the Knights. Not to mention the live music with Bouzouki and guitar which accompanies you through your dinner every evening and makes your stay with us an memorable celebration.

It is located at 5, Evreon Martiron square. (Tel. 22410 25293). Restaurant Ippotikon is a excellent place for meetings, it has medieval chambers with a warmth and kind atmosphere from the times of Saint John's Knights. They organise perfectly any special occassion you might have, such as your conference meeting, exclusive banqueting, anniversary or even a simple gathering with the company of good food and excellent Rhodian wine.

Philosophia Taverna
This is located in a attractive spot, a rustic garden setting directly above the principal beach of Pefkos. Wonderful panoramic sea sights and amazing sunsets must be seen to be believed. Philosophia Taverna features a variety of fresh, traditional Greek & international dishes with a difference. All are homemade using only the best ingredients.

Rustico Tavern
It is located at 5, Ippodamou St. (Tel. 22410 23182 ), in the center of the Old City, on a stone street, in between noble houses. Rustico is one of the best Greek taverns which features a rich diversity of delicious dishes and a refined experience for every taste and desire, it has a harmonic blend with medieval times and modern Greece. It maintains all the elements which makes Rustico one of its kind.

Restaurant Victoria
The restaurant Victoria was created in 1996 in Rhodes. The selected spot of the restaurant is at the center of the touristic area of the city.

This is a fashionable restaurant in where you may elect a private room (only for you and her) for a romantic dinner, or a private room for you and your friends.

This is one of the oldest and most excellent restaurants in the Old Town, Greek kitchen and fish specialties with the distinguished traditional of service.

This is situated in Zefiros. A fish tavern that features fresh fishes and a big variety of seafood's.

Palia Istoria
This is situated in Epta Vagies. There are Greek and European kitchen with a different touch of service, the owner is an ex-actor.

Nikos Tavern
It is located at 38, Dragoumi St.(Tel. 22410 39043). At Nikos Tavern you will enjoy delicious dining. Taste gastronomic pleasures ranging from appetizing starters and salads and greek specialities, excellent sea food dishes accompanied by unforgettable Greek wines and followed by tempting desserts and spirits. You can also choose dishes without worrying about your waist. There is accepted the credit cards.

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