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Eating & Drinking in Mykonos

Even light meals and snacks are costly in Mykonos, but there are many bakeries, supermarkets and fruit stalls, some concentrated near the south bus station. For good tyr pites and mil pites try Anemomilos (Karapis), on the right about fifty metres up Mavroy nous. Greek cuisine is characteristically mediterranean. The basic grains are barley and wheat. Olive oil gives a unique taste to Greek food. The appetizers here are called Meze and are served with Ouzo. There are many popular Greek dishes. Moussaka is eggplant casserole. There are some variations in Moussaka like zucchini or rice. Kleftiko is marinated lamb in garlic and lemon juice slow baked to the bone. Souvlaki is lamb and vegetable grilled on skewers. Gyros is roasted meat served with sauce and garnishes. Boureki and Pastitiso are other popular dishes. There are some popular desserts. Baklava is pastry with nuts, honey syrup etc. Ghalatoboureko is custard pastry. Loukoumades and Loukoumia are other popular sweets.

Ouzo is the national drink. A must try for first time visitors to Greece. It is an alcoholic beverage flavored with Anise. It turns milky white when combined with water. Tsipouro is a home brewed drink similar to Raki. Metaxa is a sweet brandy. Mavrodafni is sweet red wine. Retsina is white wine with pine tar. Beer and wine are widely consumed in Greece. Tee totalers can taste Greek coffee. Greek coffee is made by boiling finely ground beans. It is often sweetened and is served dense.


Here we mentioned some restaurants that offer different dishes:


(Tel. 02890 22450). Alefkandra is one of the most popular mykonos restaurants on the island. It is located on the beach of the "Little Venice", the island's symbol.


(Tel. 02890 23693).Alexis features you home-made traditional food, large starters diversity, roasted food on coals since 1970. The 30 years experience and the qreat service will satisfy you. The room is available for companies.

Casa Di Giorgio

(Tel. 6932 561998). Restaurant Casa di Giorgio features a big diversity of Italian cuisine. You will find great salads and openings, magnificent pasta pizzas along with sea food and meat. You can also choose from a big diversity of wines. Mr. Giorgio will keep you absolutely satisfied.

Diles Restaurant

(Tel 22890 22120). The most important standard of gastronomic delight and creative delicacy. An atmosphere of comfort and refinement, the best ingredients, art de la table and an excellent wine list allows us to ensure you have an impressive dinner and a truly memorable experience. One of the best restaurants of Mykonos.

"En Plo" Cafe Restaurant

(Tel. 22890 23012). En Plo is situated right on Mykonos port. Phrase En Plo in Greek means on board. And this is totally true as we are literally on the beach, by the sea. Open 24 hours a day, serving from the first morning hours a continental breakfast, coffees and fresh juices. At noon a wide diversity of tastes will satisfy even the most delicate palates. Grilled meat, cooked dishes, fresh fish and traditional Greek recipes, all in reasonable prices. En Plo is the right place to be when the night spreads its vales. It services all sort of drinks, cocktails and drinks accompanied by soft music.

Mamacas Restaurant

(Tel. 22890 26120). Mamacas Mykonos is situated in the patio garden of a house that was erected in 1845 by the Andronikos family, whose members included prominent politicians and businessmen. The garden offers five palm trees, the oldest of which is 155 years old. In addition to the Gazi menu, the Mykonos restaurant features grilled fish and other seafood. The price per person ranges between 35 - 45 + wine. Open: Easter time - middle October every day 20.00-02.00

Leto Restaurant

(Tel. 22890 22207). Leto hotel has an outstanding restaurant,which attends a full american buffet breakfast and is popularity for its excellent cuisine and service both during lunch and dinner. The professional multi - lingual staff will ensure that your stay is carefree with polite and friendly service.

Pasta Nostra

(Tel. 22890 24312). Pasta Nostra is a new bar pasteria in Mykonos Chora. It is located in a small alley of stone pavements with tables just outside it. It has been working for the last two years meeting people of all ages and covering even the most demanding tastes. It is open from the late evening hours to the first morning ones. It serves all kind of drinks, aperitifs and a wide diversity of cocktails.

Sirens Restaurant

(Tel. 22890 23213). Sirens is located in the old port of Mykonos. There you have a enjoyable scene of the small fishing boats and you can enjoy at the same time all that Sirens offers. You can enjoy your cafe, juice, milkshake and sweet, the pasta, the meals, the meat and sea food mixtures that will make you a fan of Sirens. Later, you can have a cocktail or wine and relax for good. Sirens it's a place for people of all ages and for every time a day.

In addition in Mykonos town, La Maison de Catherine, Kalidonios Restaurant and Aqua Tavernia (in Little Venice) are excellent places to eat. There are several traditional restaurants in Ano Mera. Caprice in Little Venice is a good bar club.

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