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Eating & Drinking in Corfu

The cuisine of Corfu is indistinguishably tied in with its history and this is what makes the food here so different from the rest of Greece. It is fascinating to look through a menu and try to deduce who brought what. Although there are the inevitable tourist traps, Corfu City offers some excellent, quality restaurants.

Restaurants in Corfu

Here we mentioned some restaurants that offer different dishes:

Aleko's Beach , Falir ki jetty. Set in the tiny harbour below the palace with great views, this place offers simple, mostly grilled meat and fish dishes at good prices.

Golden Barrel , It is a traditional Greek taverna with a panoramic sight of one of the best beaches on the island of Corfu, Barbati. Angelos, the owner, is expecting you to taste the traditional Corfiot specialities which he has been making for years now.

Mourayia , Arsen ou 15-17. This unassuming, good-value ouzer near the Byzantine Museum does a range of tasty mez dhes, including sausage and seafood such as mussels and shrimp. One of the best seafront establishments.

Orestes , Xenoph ndos Stratig u, in Mando ki. Probably the best fish and seafood restaurant in town, and better priced than the central or Gar tsa equivalents.

Janis , located in Kassiopi, the most beautiful village and the most picturesque area in the north east of Corfu Island. The excellent food, the excellent service and the traditional hospitallity makes "Janis" one of the most popular Corfu restaurants.

Papiris , Ay as Theod ras 25. A well-concealed Campiello restaurant serving fine family cooking such as meats in rich sauces. Justifiably popular with locals.

Pelargos , This truly wonderful Tavern has a tradition of 32 years in home-made wine and unites the initial ingredients with such imagination and art that the final outcomes are fantastic tastes on your plate.

To Paradosiakon , Solomo 20. Behind the Old Port, this friendly place serves good fresh food, especially home-style oven dishes like stif dho and kokkinist .

Rex , Zavitsi nou behind the List n. Pricey owing to its location, but some of the best food in the centre, mixing Greek with north European.

Tenedos , 1st P rodhos Solomo 1, Spili . At the foot of the steps to the N o Fro rio, this place offers an excellent range of mez dhes, eg courgette fritters and y gandes plus succulent meat dishes to the accompaniment of subtle live guitar music.

Venetian Well Bistro , Plat a Krem sti. A well-kept secret, tucked away in a tiny square a few alleys to the south of the cathedral, this is the nearest you're likely to get to Greek nouvelle cuisine , with large portions, and exotica such as wild boar in red wine sauce and Albanian calves' livers done in o zo. Very expensive.

Yioyias , Guildford St. The best all-round-value taverna in town, set in an atmospheric pedestrianized road. Wonderful range of mez dhes, meat - try the sofr to - and fish dishes, all washed down with fine (and cheap) barrelled wine.

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