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Cuisine of Chania

Food is offered in great variety and sometimes great similarity. The Cuisine in Chania is a very important part of the local people's life. There are restaurants to suit every taste, serving a huge selection of international cuisine (European, American even Asian) and of course traditional Greek and Cretan food. The variety of cuisine and dining experiences is one of the major attractions of the island. Therefore, because of the traditional hospitality, there is no case that someone who visits Chania won't satisfy his gastronomical desires. The local kitchen includes healthy delicacies such as ntakos and kalitsounia. While Greek food is renowned for its wonderful tastes and fresh ingredients, Crete is especially famous for its seafood, and, you don't have to empty your bank account to enjoy the most luxurious of dishes. One can find fresh fish in all the coastal taverns, as well as fresh, local meat in the various mountainous villages. For snacks or lighter meals, the caf s around the harbor on the whole serve cocktails and fresh juices at excessive prices, though breakfast (especially "English") can be good value. Fast food is also increasingly widespread, with numerous souvl ki places on Karaol ; at the end of the outer harbor, near the naval museum; and around the corner of Plast ra and Yiann ri, across from the market.

And if want to drink something, the excellent wine is available since Crete and Chania products high quality of red, rose, or white. Also, traditional Greek drinks like retsina, ouzo or tsikoudia, are available and one of the must. Retsina goes with your food (meat or seafood) instead of wine. Ouzo is served with ice-cubes or water and goes with your seafood (octapus, shrimps etc). Tsikoudia is a traditional Cretan drink which is served in a small glass like spirits. Be careful it is a strong drink. Several restaurants or taverns "by default" after your meal, when you ask for the bill they serve you a small glass of our traditional drink (tsikoudia) just to taste it (taste is enough for tsikoudia)

Restaurants in Chania

You're never far from something to eat in Chania; there are many restaurants and cafes which have a unique style of Florence and Venice, combined with the culture and character of Cretan people and traditions.

S faka 37. A couple of blocks west of Plat a-1821, this is a popular new open-air restaurant inside a stylishly "restored" ruin of a Turkish mansion bombed in the war. Serves both mez dhes and full meals to live guitar music.

Antigoni restaurant (Tel. 2821/ 045 236) is located just on the corner of Akti Enoseos and Defkalionos (a short way past the Porto Veneziano Hotel). Re-decorated, much care taken here - local dishes and there is always fish. Tourists do visit this small restaurant but it is a popular local venue.

Akt Tomb zi 4, next to the Mosque of the Janissaries. Pleasant caf with great harbour view to savour over lazy breakfasts or late drinks.

inner harbour by bottom of Sarpidh nos. One of the best choices for a pricey seafood meal with a harbour view. The nearby Faka is also good.

top of Kondhil ki. Standard taverna food with live Greek music accompaniment to enliven your meal in yet another roofless taverna townhouse.

Iordanis Bougatsa
Kydhonias 96, opposite the bus station. This place serves little except the traditional creamy boug tsa , a sugar-coated cheese pie to eat in or take away.

Karn yio
Plat a Kateh ki 8. Set back from the inner harbour near the port police. Not right on the water, but one of the best harbour restaurants nonetheless.

Ang lou 2. Slow, relaxed terrace bar beneath the rooms place of the same name; good for breakfast, and where locals (especially expats) sit whiling the day away or playing tavli .

Nea Vouli
Yiann ri 27, just west of Plat a-1866. Excellent and stylish restaurant popular with locals, serving high-quality standards at modest prices. Closed Sun.

Rudi's Bierhaus
S faka 24. Hani 's beer shrine: Austrian Rudi Riegler's bar stocks more than a hundred of Europe's finest beers to accompany very tasty mez dhes.

Zambel ou just before Renieri Gate. Young, trendy place with adventurous Greek menu including much vegetarian food. Unfortunately only a few cramped tables outside, and inside it can get very hot. Slow service.

Tasty Souvlaki
Hal dhon 80. Always packed despite being cramped, which is a testimonial to the quality and value of the souvl ki . Better to take away.

Ay on Dh ka 36. Slightly north of the cathedral, Tholos is another "restaurant in a ruin", this time Venetian/Turkish, with a wide selection of Cretan specialities.

Summertime Snack Bar (Tel. +30 28250/61606) is only 10 meters from Sea. There is a fantastic sight, of Georgioupolis Beach and small church of St' Nicolas. Visitors will enjoy a large variety of traditional food and cocktails.

Symposium (Tel. +30 2821/060 545) is located at Platanias, a highly tourist area, minutes away from the main city of Chania. Symposium opened its doors in 1998, aiming and succeeding in providing an exclusive cuisine, the best service and a most relaxing atmosphere for the clientele.

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