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Nightlife in Corfu

Corfu is famous for its nightlife. Apart from the movie theatres, "Orpheus", and "Pallas", which feature family entertainment, the island offers a wide variety of bars and cafes proposing various kind of music, suitable for every taste. The most popular places to go are the cafes on Liston Promenade or the cafes on the north end of Splianada Square. The cafes are open from morning to night and are always bustling with people. Bars and cafes can be found on the main roads throughout the city. However, big nigh-clubs are placed outside Corfu City, mostly concentrated in the beach resorts of Kavos, Roda, Ypsos, Gouvia and Dassia which also offers an incredible amount of lively bars. All those resorts are transforming, at nights, in huge nigh-clubs playing music and serving all kind of drinks till early in the morning.

Clubs and Bars

Venue Club
The venue club is located right in the center of down city Kavos's nightlife on the main street. It is a way of life seven nights a week. Every night a different program of entertainment. Covering all styles of music for all age groups plus to include special feature attractions and DJ's. Top Events followed with Top DJ's.

Angelos Bar
Angelos Bar is located in Kassiopi to the northeast from island of Corfu. It is Well known for its great atmosphere and friendly service, and of course its special Pop Quiz nights, with music from the 60's 70's and 80's, plus they also have satellite tv showing sport, news and entertainment channels.

Edem Club
Edem Club is the most famous place of entertainment in Corfu is to say the most important element of your night. There you will find Crazy Hot Fun especially for extreme clubbers. Also you will taste cocktails you can not imagine.

Great Shakes Bar
The Great Shakes Bar is situated in the center of the lovely resort of Dassia on the east coast of Corfu. Shakes is treated as both a local pub and quality restaurant. The bar features more draught and import beers than anywhere else in Dassia, such as John Smith s Extra Smooth and Strongbow Cider, as well as a diversity of other brands of draught lager and bitter. Their staffs are a friendly bunch that will make you feel more than welcome and give you great service with a smile.

The Temple Bar
The Temple Bar is located in Ipsos to east of the island. They offer a variety of atmosphere to suit nearly every mood. They promise you to be spoilt by the choice of its international reputation of excellent home made food as well as the very best of night entertainment all combined with friendly staff. Open from 11 am until 3.30 am.

Palazzo Bar
Palazzo Bar is located in the centre of Sidari to the north of Corfu Island. It is the most well-known bar of the town. The decor is very special: Bamboo tables and chairs give a summer atmosphere to the bar. Its Cocktail menu is extensive and they have many beers from the barrel and a wide variety of spirits. It is open every day from 11:00 am.

Stagousta Club
Stagousta club is located in Agios Gordios village to the west coast from corfu. A place in where the atmosphere and beautiful surroundings are complemented by good service. When all these things are in perfect harmony with great music, then a magical atmosphere is created and leaves us with an unforgettable night which is something we require on our holidays. Stagousta club is dedicated to those who worship nightlife.

42nd Street
42nd Street is located in the Kavos Village. It is a great bar, fantastic music and as with all the other bars great prices on drinks helps that the barmen are fit too. Anyone going Kavos should definitely visit this bar.

Sonic Bar
Sonic Bar is located in Acharavi to the northern coast of Corfu. It is the most atmospheric cocktail bar in town. Its ten years experience assurance you will have a relax night with different kinds of cocktails, spirits, imported and local beers, tropical juices and kids cocktails. Its staff and the atmosphere will make you feel so welcomed and at ease that you definitely come back.

Corfu Movies

Many movies have been recorded in Corfu, including the 1981 James Bond movie, For Your Eyes Only. The most unforgettable Corfu allied scene of the movie is of the underwater ancient Greek temple, with a huge turtle swimming in front of the camera; the Casino scene was also recorded at the Achilleion. Additional scenes from the same movie, recorded on the island, comprise Melina and James walking through the city streets and Melina being greeted by Bond at Pontikonisi Island, and the Greek Wedding scene was recorded at the Bouas-Danilia traditional Village. Corfu was also used by the BBC to shoot both a TV series (1987) and a movie (2005) version of Gerald Durrell's book "My Family and Other Animals," based on his childhood in Corfu in the late 1930s.

Theatre and Music

There are not traditional theatre places in Corfu; though, visitors will find that some reputable hotels and apartment centers are home to their own auditoriums that offer live entertainment in the evenings. Additionally, if you check the blackboards outside local bars, you will invariably find several with musical acts billed for the evening. Depending on the place, these might be local Greek singers or expat performers.

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