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The City of Chania

Geographically the city of Chania is situated at the east end of the Gulf of Chania, a extensive bay among the Akrotiri peninsula in the east and the Spatha peninsula (also called Rodopos) in the west. It comprises an important portion of the small Plain of Chania and borders with the hilly suburbs of Profitis Ilias, Agios Mattheos and Kounoupidiana in the direction of the east, with the villages of Vamvakopoulo, Nerokourou, Mournies and Perivolia towards the south and with the coastal areas of Chryssi Akti and Agioi Apostoloi towards the west.

Chania also transliterated as Hania, is the second largest city of Crete and the capital of the Chania Prefecture. It is situated alongside the north coast of the island, approximately 70 km west of Rethymno and 145 km west of Heraklion, with a population of over 60,000 inhabitants. Chania is the main city in the west of Crete, with the second largest population after Heraklion. It is divided into two parts: The New City, with its offices, shops and businesses and The Old City, built around the picturesque Venetian harbor with its stone narrow streets, and its diverse architecture from past foreign domination. Recent excavations have established that the ancient city of Kydonia was located here also. The first thing a visitor sees when reaching the city of Chania is the Venetian harbor and castle (Firka fort). This image of the city has remained well-preserved throughout the years, bringing back memories, when Chania was the governing capital of Crete and the independence of the island was declared.

Also there are buses and taxis available to take you right into the city. The bus will leave you at the market place near the old town, and if you wish a good lodging there are hotels all over of the city but the ones opposite the harbor is probably where you want to be even if the nightlife below can get a little noisy. If you don't see yourself as being one of the people making the noise then you may want to find a quieter place further back or ask your travel agent what they suggest. Try to visit any time except July and August, but whenever you come, dare to strike out on your own and see the old Chania.

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