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Modern Greece is an exotic warm and welcoming community for tourists with an interest in History, Ancient Art, the foundations of Western Civilization and the evolution of representative government. Certainly a mecca for the friendly beachcomber, the backpacker the time-waster. But Greece is at heart, a destination for anyone with the slightest appreciation of the classics, the roots of modern architecture and a gracious system of social values. Greece is located in southeastern Europe, bordered by Northern Macedonia, Albania, Bulgaria, and Turkey. Greece makes up most of the Balkan Peninsula, its coasts bejeweled by its littoral of thousands of islands. Two hundred of these many islands are populated. In stark contrast are the country's rugged mountains the tallest peak at more than 1,500 metres above sea level. At you can learn most everything you need to know about this ancient but modern member state of the European community. We will help you to appreciate its sophisticated and hospitable people; you will definitely want to add a trip and stay in Greece to your lifetime bucket-list.

Greek history

Greek history is characterized as the earliest European cross-culture wave upon which Europe's history of two millennia and more is based. As early as 3000 BC "Grecian" culture was being forged out of regionally influential civilisations - the Cycladic, Minoan and Mycenaean. City-states, notably in Athens and Sparta, dominated Eastern Mediterranean learning from 800 though 500 BC. Classicists refer to the classical age of Athens reaching a high point in the dominance of Grecian civilisation, especially its educational impact over still emerging Mediterranean polities, such as Rome. Rome's time would come later in the march of European civil life. The great architectural traditions and natural beauty of the Hellenic landscape are a magnet today for millions of tourists. The best indicator is this recent high point in tourism earnings. In August alone, last year, the country earned foreign tourist revenues in excess of 3.6 billion euros, and for all of 2018 this was 33 billion euros!

Greek islands

The Peloponnesus peninsula comprising the southernmost land mass of Greece, is vaunted for its picturesque scenery, rich enduring history, and the ubiquity of its prized olive groves. Made up of diverse regions, and home to numerous markers of historical resonance, - such as Olympus - each has its distinct place in history, a distinct local culture and its own striking topography. On the mainland, Mycenae and history-imbued Corinth offer educational and evocative exploration opportunities that compete for the visitor's time. Of the Greek Islands, those that are widely known from their historical importance are Crete, Rhodes, Corfu and Mykonos. Others have enchanted visitors through modern times with their laid-back lifestyle and the grace of their inhabitants. Notable among these is picturesque Santorini with its main city Thira on a cliff's edge, a location attributed to destructive lessons imparted by an ancient volcano which erupted millenia ago. Besides being famous for its cuisine the island is popular for the vividness of sunsets. The island offers a stark contrast to the picture postcard azure blue and white-walled dwellings for which it is known worldwide. The island's black sand beaches, especially Perissa Beach, leave the tourist with indelible images of days and nights spent in Santorini. For the tourist wishing especially to enjoy the sun, the sand, an agreeable climate and spectacular vistas, you must visit the island of Mykonos. This community, with its quaint and pleasing dwellings offers twenty idyllic sandy beaches for sun-lovers to live "la dolce vita" Mediterranean style. Nearby, a short ferry trip from Mykonos, is Delos, a so-called "sacred island". Delos offers a relaxing environment for reflection and a contemplative break during hectic sightseeing elsewhere among the Grecian islands. Trip advisors suggest that first-time visitors to Greece include stops in the national capital, Athens, tour Peloponnesian historic sites, and try to imbibe the particularities of life on two or three of Greece's inhabited islands. A tour of this breadth will enrich your knowledge and stimulate, even more, your interest in this gem of a country and all its people and history give to the world. At Just Greece your search for ideas on how, when and where to plan your Greek holiday is definitely a pleasant experience. Start creating your trip-plan at and be prepared for get-a-ways and experiences that are the finest this beautiful country can bestow on its visitors. There are many similarities on the visible surface, between Greece and Turkey. However the two neighbours offer distinctly different, but both enriching, experiences for the informed tourist. Start your visit to greece with the best available information. Be ready for one of your most enjoyable travel experiences by starting here.


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