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Most Important Things To Remember When Visiting Greece

Greece is a country filled with sunny weather, blue seas, art culture, and delicious cuisine. Greece is the ultimate picturesque holiday destination with more than 3,000 islands yet only around 130 are in habited, if you're looking to soak up some sun and culture this year on your holiday then head to the beautiful island of Greece, as there is so much to see and experience.


This important thing to remember when visiting Greece applies to virtually every place you travel to. First of all you will need to make sure you have an up-to-date passport, a valid EHIC European health insurance card, the correct currency, your tickets and of course insurance. As without any of those things you will not be able to get very far at all. The best way to get organised is to collect all your legal documents as well as your tickets, and place them in a folder so they are easily accessible.

The Islands

One of the best parts about visiting Greece is there are so many islands that you can travel to and explore new things on. When travelling to Greece visit Rhodes Old Town which is sealed like a medieval time capsule, in the high walls and deep moat is an array of boutique shops and restaurants that serve the best Greek food. To soak up some historical sights head to Lindos which is also apart of Rhodes, not only does it have a glorious dazzling blue bay but the acropolis of Lindos offers all visitors some of the most spectacular views.

It's Historical

Greece has many historical sites, so remember when you travel there for your holiday to go visit some, as they are incredible. The first that should be on your list is The Acropolis which is one of the biggest achievements of ancient Greek civilisations is also the most historical sites in Greece. Olympia, this historical site is said to be where the Olympic Games originated from which makes it one of the most important world heritage archaeological sites.

The Landscape

Although there is a lot of buzz speculating over the south of Greece, the north is very much underrated. There are many mountains filled with lakes and olive trees, topped with ancient ruins; it is like visiting something right out of a myth. The Meteora, literally meaning middle of the sky is a formation of ancient ruins and pillars situated in the mountains. Another island to visit is Skiathos, one of the smallest spots in the Sporades; although you won't find many adventures here it is the perfect place to do some shopping and sunbathing.

Experience The Food

One of the best parts about travelling to new places is getting to experience the different culture and trying the local cuisines. Whether your taste buds prefer sweet or savoury Greek food provides something for all, one dish that combines both is Feta Me Meli. It is feta wrapped in filo pastry oven baked and then drizzled with honey, and it is delicious. For those who prefer savoury, try Moussaka which is filled with mincemeat, vegetables and lots of cheese. When in Greece soak up all the sun and culture, and just enjoy.

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