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Why Visit Greece In The Winter

Greece is a beautiful country to visit all year round, but because of its location in Europe, many people think that you can only visit the country and enjoy everything it has to offer in the summer. However, tourists who only visit Greece in summer couldn't be more wrong. In fact, some of its best features are better enjoyed outside of the crazy tourist seasons, and in winter, you can experience a huge number of beautiful walks, ancient sites and the hustle and bustle of the cities without the cramming tourists. No matter what time of year you're looking to visit Greece, you should make sure that you have carried out an ehic card renewal before your trip in order to prepare for any unexpected illness or injuries. Here, we're taking a closer look at what you can experience and why you should visit Greece in the winter.

Avoid The Crowds

The biggest and most important reason to consider when it comes to visiting Greece in winter is the fact that you don't have to battle your way through crowds of tourists trampling the ancient ruins and packing out your favourite restaurants in the city. Whether you are heading to the bustling city of Athens or you want to explore the countryside in the Peloponnese, there's plenty to enjoy without the hustle and bustle of the tourist season.

Island Life

Island hopping during the winter really is a magical experience. The changing light conditions offers an exciting landscape to enjoy and the larger islands still offer a vibrant experience outside of the summer seasons. Crete offers the harbor towns and mountain villages, Lesvos provides the olive trees with olive harvest season operating through October and November and Corfu offers plenty of culture to enjoy, with orchestras and art shows throughout the winter months.

Embrace Culture

Once tourist season dies down, that's when you can truly experience the cultural side to Greece. This is due to the fact that everything in the country is targeted towards tourists during peak season, so even the cultural side can often be somewhat fake and put on for the enjoyment of tourists. In the winter season however, you can experience real Greece, with a number of islands and cities offering culture shows and local food and drink experiences to enjoy.

Country Walks

There are a number of different walking trails that you can experience across a huge range of cities and islands in country, and the winter time is the ideal time to be able to experience this. Whether you're walking along the coastline, exploring islands like Hydra that have no cars whatsoever on the island, exploring stone stairways, or heading around mythical locations that are interconnected with so many pathways that is known to be a walkers' heaven. There's plenty of walking opportunities to enjoy and without the tourists in the way, and the temperatures being bearable enough to take long hikes and treks in, Greece in winter truly is a magical experience.

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