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Made up of multiple islands, Greece is great to visit whether you're looking to bathe in the wake of the sun, explore the interesting culture or visit famous historic sites. Greece really does have it all. Sit back and enjoy the scenery at a number of different locations throughout the entirety of your visit. From climbing Mount Olympus to wine tasting in Santorini we guarantee you will enjoy your stay. Good news is that you won't require an esta visa like you must possess if you travel to the US.


Lucky for you, Santorini is just a plane ride away from home and can be reached directly from Manchester, London, Bristol and Birmingham airports. As a must-visit destination, people tend to avoid booking a flight to Santorini because they fear the high prices but budgeting in Santorini is not as difficult as you may thing. Although it is home to some of the world's most opulent hotels, there are plenty alternatives. There are a number of hostels with beds costing you as little as €10 a night. Not only does it have the best sunsets on earth, Santorini offers some of the most popular water-based activities. From snorkelling and diving to kayaking, there's something everyone will enjoy. If you prefer your feet on land, there are a number of hiking experiences to embark on.


Mykonos is only approximately 150km away from Santorini, so you could easily turn one trip into two! Most people visit Mykonos for its beautiful beaches but if you're after partying all night - Mykonos is the place to be. You can find a number of clubs, bars and restaurants at Paradise beach, suitable for any style and taste. Don't be fooled, Mykonos is a highly expensive Greek Island. If you're looking to visit between July and August, expect to pay €120 each night you stay. This time is extremely windy and high-wind speeds are no less than 30 km/h. Before you book your trip, ensure you speak to your local travel agent to find out more about the best times to travel.


Located just off Greece's northwest coast, Corfu is one of the greenest islands of all 6,000 Greek Islands. With a 200km coastline, there are a number of award-worthy beaches to choose from to top up your tan so no wonder it has recently become one of the most popular destinations of Greek tourists. Despite being a relatively small island with an area of just 588 square km, Corfu doesn't lack excitement or adventure. There are a number of museums and monuments you can visit across the Island, including The Old Fortress which was used to protect the town from overseas invasions built by Venetians in 1402.


Milos is the next luxury holiday location you need to visit. With over 70 stunning beaches to choose from, whether you plan on visiting with your family or friends this island has everything you could possibly need for a week-long holiday abroad. The Klima Village is home to the famous rainbow-coloured doors where visitors gather to get a snap against one. There's no better destination than Milos if you want to explore a dormant volcano. Embark on a Miloterranean Geo Walk with your friends to explore the beauty of the landscape and volcanic history of the island. What's more is the unique cuisine Milos has to offer. With 105 restaurants to choose from, enjoy traditional meals by the sea and watch the amazing sunsets.


Crete is the southernmost island of Greece Europe has to offer. Famous for its sandy beaches and nightlife, Crete has everything for a holiday away with your pals. Since it's one of the largest Islands, it is home to both residential and tourist developed areas suitable for those looking for relaxation or those who want to get in the mix of things. Crete isn't just great for those who want to explore the ancient history and narrow streets, you will meet a number of friendly visitors and travellers like yourself too who you can dance, eat and explore with until your hearts content. It's time to explore!

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