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Cuisine in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is not unknown in Turkey. As any Greek will tell you, this is due the Turks, during their long occupation of Greece, absorbed - stole, actually - the secrets of Greek cuisine. Some might argue that when the Turks withdrew from Greece, they took many of those secrets with them. Others would simply say that in some parts of Greece - such as Thessaloniki - a love of cuisine and a devotion to spices lives on. In fact, it's the spices that set Thessaloniki's cuisine apart from that of the rest of Greece. Take the peppers. The most famous Macedonian peppers are the red florines, originally grown in the town of Florina, but now raised throughout Macedonia. These can be sweet or so hot that they lift off the top of your head. We like both diversities but we'd be a lot more relaxed when taking that first bite if we knew whether any individual florina were going to be sweet or pyrotechnic. Besides the florines, there are some really hot peppers traditionally grown in the Macedonian town of Piperia (the Greek word for "pepper"). These peppers are dried, then flaked, and the result, called boukovo, is sprinkled liberally into just about everything.

Restaurants in Thessaloniki

Thanks to a number of enterprising young Thessalonians, the restaurants and tavernas are now better than ever, perhaps the finest in all of Greece which offer cuisine of a distinctly Thessalonian character, including game, while ouzeries specialize almost exclusively in mezedes. The restaurants and tavernas usually have an excellent selection of mezedes as well (you may be tempted to make a meal of starters alone), while some ouzeries might offer more substantial main courses. Sadly, the increased pollution in the bay has reached a point that makes us no longer recommend the fish tavernas on the outskirts of town.

China Town, 4 Plastira & Pasalidi Str. A friendly, elegant and attractive environment where modern architecture meats the traditional Chinese culture.

Draft, 8 Salaminos Str., Ladadika. Authentic decoration, relaxed atmosphere, the softest music and most of all a delicious cuisine in the most harmonic combination and on top of that unique service and an endless smile.

Gourmet, luxurious restaurant in the east part of Thessaloniki . International cucine.Reservation is required. Expensive restaurant but the service is luxurious. 8, Komotinis str.

Halaro, chicken specialities. Excellent service in a fantastic atmosphere,50m from the sea. Located in Arechu area ( East part ). 75, Sofouli str.

Istin Polin, traditional greek food with the taste of Konstantinoupolis ( Istanbul ). 17, Egyptou str. Ladadika area. Unforgetable dishes and desserts.

Kreonidis, meat taverna with Greek music ( not live ). Located in the old town ( kastra area ) 4 ,Ohi ave

Krikelas, meat and fish restaurant in Ladadika area (port area in the center ). Top quality and excellent food and service. 6, Salaminos str.

Miami, fish restaurant in Nea Krini area, in front of the sea. In my opinion best in town. Almost all tourists ,visitors and celebrities have been there. 18, Thetidos str.

Palati, meat restaurant in Ladadika area. Delicious food , live Greek music after 21:00 . 3, Morihovou str.

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