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Arrival to Rhodes

Arriving Rhodes By Ferry
Rhodes being the main port of the Dodecanese links not only to Athens, Crete, and the islands of the Aegean, also to Cyprus, Turkey, and Israel during summer time. Rhodes is accessible via ferry from Symi, Tilos, and Bodrum, as well as Datca and Marmaris in Turkey. Schedules can be found at the EOT and the Municipal Tourist Office of Rhodes. Cruise ships dock at the Commercial Port, east of Rhodes city's Old Town. The only exception may be cruises, in which case the arrival will have been taken care of for you by the cruise operators.

Arriving Rhodes By Plane
Olympic Airways proposes domestic service between Rhodes and the following Greek airports: 5 weekly flights to Santorini, 4 weekly to Heraklion (in Crete), 3 weekly to Kassos and 2 weekly to Mykonos and Thessaloniki. 5 daily flights are available for Athens, 2 daily for Karpathos and 1 daily to Kastellorizo.

The island is served by Diagoras International Airport with the IATA code RHO. The International Airport is located 15 km away from the town of Rhodes, on the west coast near the town of Paradisi. There are regular flights to and from Athens and Thessaloniki; charter airlines connect Rhodes with many major cities all over Europe. The flight time from Athens is aprox. 1 hour. During the touristic summer season, many charter flights land directly on the airport of Rhodes.

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