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Nightlife in Chania

The prefecture of Chania offers a varied and lively night life which is particularly intense in the capital of the prefecture, especially at the summertime. In this summer period (late April - early October) the place becomes more cosmopolitan with many tourists coming to the place from both mainland Greece and from any other part of the world.

The Chania nightlife is quite exciting, offering entertainment for all musical preferences especially in the Old City. There you will find many bars and cafes, carved into the cliff side and the age-old Venetian buildings. Some of them are quite popular among people who look for a relaxed and pleasant night out, offering a more intellectual point of vista on nightlife, with good music ranging from jazz to India and to traditional Greece. Some other ones are very popular amongst specific kinds of visitors (Scandinavian Bars, American Bars etc). Here the fun never stops!

Cinema, theater and concerts are, between the already mentioned ones, some very common activities for entertainment in Chania, with a fair amount of options featured and repertoires diverging from independent to commercial. Some places for live music centers on Greek traditional and perhaps Cretan artists. And for films, you should check the advertisements in front of the market. There are open-air screenings at Attikon, on Veniz lou out towards Akrot ri, about 1km from the centre, and occasionally in the public gardens.

The magic of Crete is mainly due to its traditional features and old customs that are still followed today. For a taste of traditional Chania, we recommend participating in several of the annual Chania events.

Clubs and Bars in Chania

Chania's nightlife has more than enough venues to satisfy the most deliberate night-owls. Most of the clubs and disco bars are gathered in the area around the inner harbour, whilst there are plenty of terrace bars along both harbourfronts, with more scattered throughout the old quarter.

Aroma Cafe
Aroma Cafe (Tel. +30 28210/41472) is located at Akti Tompazi 4, Old City, Chania. This cafe offers you a excellent quality of goods and impeccable service in a pleasant and clean atmosphere, making your stay in a memorable delight. For any observations of remarks ask for the manager.

Pallas Cafe
Pallas Cafe (Tel. +30 28210/45688) is located at Akti Topazi 15-17 , Old City, Chania. This is a traditional cafe which was erected in 15 th century by the Venetians. For 16 years now, traditional style coexists with the modern. Aesthetic, quality and respect are their guiding principles.

Mylos Club
Mylos Club (Tel. +30 28210/60528) is located to 10 km west of the city of Chania. Being a club since 1993 was erected 2 centuries ago by a French architect, using rock, wood, and iron as the only elements. Right near to this it located Neromylos, a beach club, for your day clubbing. The whole unit also comprises "Mylos little palace", fully equiped apartments featuring all comforts you might need. There is also a private 250 car parking around, for you not to have to search for a spot. Your day begins at Neromylos and ends the next morning at Mylos club.

Elmondo Bar
Elmondo Bar is located at Kondilaki 35, the harbor of Chania. It opened its doors in the winter of 1981 and is the second oldest bar in the Chania harbor. The nights at Elmondo begin off with older rock music slower and classical pieces from all epochs of rock music. The DJ continues with newer rock music and dance pieces according to the crowd s mood.

Nota Bene
Nota Bene is one of the oldest bars in Chania. It was established in 1979 and continuously giving lessons on what real fun is .The music is very important for a good party so the DJ plays a diversity of music beginning with rock and country songs and as the night moves on the beat goes up with the latest hits, Latin and dance music prompting everyone to dance on the bar. It is opened all the year.

Privilege Club
Six years now, Privilege-Chania has been continuously altering and adjusting to satisfy even the most demanding clubbers a surprising, innovative idea every summer welcomes citizens and visitors. It is a well known fact that every summer starts with the Privilege-Chania Opening Night !!!"

Sinagogi (Tel. +302 8210/95242) is located on Ar. Kondilaki, at the ruins of the old Jewish synagogue. The artistic decoration, the relax music and the special flavors are all these elements that make the open air bar - restaurant Sinagogi the ideal destination of your exit, from the first morning hours until late in the evening.

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