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Greece Recipes: Mezethes

The word Meze (singular) Mezethes (plural) translates to 'appetiser' or 'starter' although in Greece, these words underestimate the true nature of the Meze.

The serving of these tasty morsels of food with alcohol dates back to Ancient Greece when people realised that drinking on an empty stomach wasn't a great idea. Mezethes are now served everywhere throughout Greece, both in public eating places and at home and are an intrinsic part of Greek culture and their approach to food and society.

Mezethes can be as simple or as complicated as you like ranging from a bowl of olives to a table set with a selection of dips, little skewers of grilled meats and other titbits such as deep-fried fish, baby croquettes and tiny phyllo pastries. Whatever they are, it must be remembered that the object is to whet the appetite before the main meal, so care should be taken to serve a variety of flavours and textures.

Below is a small selection of Meze recipes. Why not double or treble the recipes and serve them at parties.

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