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Arrival to Hydra

Hydra By Plane
The easiest way to get here is to take a direct flight to Athens. Athens International Airport is the nearest airport to Hydra due there is not airport in the island. From the Athens airport you may take a bus line linking with the port of Piraeus or a taxi. From there the Flying Dolphin service carries passengers to and from Athens, or alternatively you can board into one of the many ferries that reach to the island of Hydra.

Hydra By Ferry
Hydra can be reached by ferry and hydrofoils from Athens. You can take one of several ferries that leave from the main harbor of Pireaus. The ferry takes about 3 hours and is one of the nicest trips you can take. There is generally an early ferry which leaves at 8am, another around 11am and a third in the early afternoon. Check with any travel agent for exact times. You can also get there in installments, stopping in Aegina, Methena or Poros and taking the next ferry or Dolphin and continuing your journey. Or you can take the Hydrafoils known as the Flying Dolphins that leave continously from Pireaus which take around 45 minutes. It's a good idea to buy your tickets in advance especially during the summer and on weekends. There is also a one day Saronic Gulf cruise that stops in Hydra.

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