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The island was directed by many countries like France or England. Today many of the architecture styles of these countries can be seen on Corfu, Greece. The loveliest is the capital of the island but other villages are also jewels. Here we mentioned some main villages:

The City of Corfu
The city of Corfu or Kerkyra is the capital and main city of the island and prefecture of Corfu. The City is a combination of the cosmopolitan and the traditional, considered as one of the most beautiful cities in Greece due to the heavy influence of the Venetians who for centuries controlled the island. Also it has become known as a Kastropolis (Castle City) because of its multiple castles. There is plenty to draw visitors to this magical island. It is divided into the Old and New city and it is the administrative center of the island.

Agios Matheos
Aghios Mattheos is a beautiful, scenic inland village, located to 25 km south-west of Corfu City and has a population of about 1600 inhabitants, mostly leaving from agriculture. The village is amphitheatrically built with-in a dense forest on the side of Mount Agios Matheos and is full of many charming stone houses. There are several places for sightseeing in the area, attracting numerous visitors. At a distance of one kilometer southwestern to the village, it is found the Holy Monastery of Pantocrator; the road that leads there passes through a marvelous wood of holm oaks. The popular beach of Agios Matheos is located a few kilometers from the lovely village and also attracts many visitors each year.

Lefkimi village is famous for its excellent wine, located to 40 km to south of Corfu city in the middle of a fertile plain full of olive trees and vineyards. It is considered as the second largest town on the island with a population of 5,000 inhabitants. Worth-visiting in the village are the superb churches of Agioi Theodoroi and Agios Arsenios which are famous for there fine architecture. There is also the Holy Monastery of Kyra ton Angelon (meaning the Lady of the Angels in Greek), dedicated to Virgin Mary. Accommodation is available in the village and in the broader area. Food is easy to find in the taverns of the area, where you may taste the local dishes, fresh fish and seafood, but also typical dishes of Greek cooking.

Benitses Village is located to 12 km to south of Corfu City and has a population of approximately 800 inhabitants. It is a cosmopolitan tourist resort with world fame. Generally the tourist infrastructures of Benitses satisfy all requirements of the visitors. The region is also famous for her intense nightly life. Here functioning bars and clubs that plays Greek and international music and centres with live music. In Benitses, one will find some taverns, cafes, bars, accommodation, a sandy beach and many other beaches which are situated in the surrounding area. The main attraction of the village of Benitses is the Shell Museum which has the best shell collection of Europe and exhibits all kind of shells, coral, shark s jaws and various fascinating fishes.

Dassia is an attracting village located to 13 km northwestern from the city of Corfu. Over the past years, the village of Dassia has become a highly cosmopolitan resort which offers a wooded bay and a beach of pebble and sand. Accommodation, restaurants, cafes, bars and night clubs can easily be found in Dassia. Also, in the commercial centre of the village you will make your purchases. The night life is intense and full surprises. The long sandy beach of Dassia is very busy, but also there are and some small quiet gulfs that offer to every visitor of the area whatever he want.

Paghi is an old and picturesque small coastal village with a beautiful environment. It is located to 32, 5 km far from the capital Corfu, at the northwest and has only 235 inhabitants. The name Pagi or Paghi (plural) is derived probably from the ancient Greek Pagos (means Rock) or the ancient Latin Pagus (fortified village or fortified hill and the Latin smallest administrative district of a province). Accommodation is available in the village and in the area around. For swimming you may go to the sandy beach of the settlement (the beach has been awarded a blue flag. Apart from swimming, the beach offers food and drink at the fish taverns, where you may enjoy tasty fresh fish and seafood.

The village of Ipsos itself is very much a resort base for tourists, located to east coast of the island, above Corfu City. It has approximately 825 inhabitants. There you will find abundant food of various tastes, from fresh fish, seafood and local dishes to International and European cooking, both in the taverns of the settlement and at the sea front taverns of the area around. Several places are worth seeing in the area. Also, you may enjoy swimming, sunbathing and sea sports at the long, well-organized beach.

Messonghi is a coastal village to southern Corfu located to 22 km from the city with approximately 300 inhabitants .The settlement is built around of the coastal road. The natural beauties of the region gain the admiration of visitors. One of the loveliest features of the area is the scenic small river flowing through the settlement. Small fishing and excursion boats are mooring on its banks; those latter connect the island with Syvota at the opposite coast of Epirus. You will enjoy swimming at the beautiful beach in front of the settlement, or you may choose any of the beaches of the area, some of them crowded and cosmopolitan and others more peaceful.

Kassiopi is a village located to 38 km north from Corfu City, opposite the Albanian coasts. It has approximately 1200 inhabitants and is dominated by a Roman fortress where it is supposed that the Emperor Nero stopped once. Kassiopi with a breathtaking view of Albania and a traditional small harbor gives a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere to everyone who wants to admire the Greek village. It has everything you desire, restaurants, taverns, tourist shops, tourist offices, bars, suitable for all demands. For swimming and sunbathing you may stay at the beach in front of the settlement, with fine pebbles and small stones. The beach is very popular and attracts many visitors.

Moraitika is a modern, very famous tourist resort in front of a long sandy beach, located to 20 km Southern to the city of Corfu. It has approximately 600 inhabitants. Built on a hill, the village features an excellent view of the sea. Hotels and rooms to let are available for accommodation within the settlement and in the broader area. Food is plentiful and good in the taverns of the area, where you may try the local dishes, fresh fish and sea food typical dishes of Greek and international cooking. The beach in front of the village is excellent for swimming and sunbathing; for those liking diving, a diving center is available both for beginners and for experts of the sport.

Ermones is a small, coastal tourist village located to 18 km western from the city of Corfu with approximately 50 inhabitants. There is not much of sightseeing in the area, apart from the fascinating green covering the slopes above the sea and arriving up to the small cove. The field of Ropes, a flat area dedicated to cultivation, gives to the landscape a unique touch. Hotels and rooms to let, within the settlement and in the area around are available for accommodation. At the nearby village of Vatos (3 km eastern to Ermones) you will also find a camping with full facilities.

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