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In the course of the summer period a diversity of cultural events happen on a daily basis. Theatrical plays, concerts and more than a few exhibitions from Greek and foreign artists are organized either by the municipality or by individuals. A venue which hosts many of these events is a theater located in the east bulwark of the Old City ("Anatoliki Tafros"). Also, several festivals, conferences or sport events happen in Chania particularly between May and September. The Venizeleia athletics competition is one of the most noteworthy events of the year.

Cultural life throughout the cold period of the year (November-March) is not as rich as in the summer, but it is certainly preserved to a good standard. During the last years there has been a considerable effort by both the city councils and by the citizens to generate the contextual for the city to be in the centre of interest all over the year. Towards this direction, the increasing number of students moving to Chania for their studies has proved to be helpful. There is also some effort to promote Crete as a tourist destination for all seasons - a role that the island could easily hold - which would also support both the local economy and culture. A major role in the city's cultural life is played by the Municipal Cultural Corporation of Chania which organizes a significant part of the events taking place throughout the year.

Cultural Events
  • March: Carnival festivities in Chania, Souda, Palaiochora, Kalives, Vatolako.

  • May: Second fortnight, celebration of the battle of Crete. It includes events commemorating those who were killed and several cultural events.

  • Beginning of the summer: Venizelia - National track events at the National Stadium of Chania.

  • May - September: Athletic Events in the Municipality of Nea Kydonia, which include: Beach VoJIey - Beach Soccer - Beach Handball and racket games.

  • July August - September: Cultural Summer Events of the Municipality of Chania. They include music and stage performances at the theatre of Eastern Trench, Public Garden, Venizelio music school, Park of Peace and Friendship and other events in several neighbourhoods of the town. Cultural Summer Events are also organised by the municipality of Kisamos, Nea Kydonia, Pelekanos and Georgioupolis.

  • June: Cherries Festivity in Karanou

  • June 24: Festivity of St. loannis Klidonas, in Fres, Akrotiri, Perivolia, Therisso, Vamvakopoulo.

  • July 21 - 28: Elafonisia - Municipality of Inahorio. They include: memorial service at the monument of Elafonisi, athletic games, performances, festivity in honour of the elderly and traditional treat.

  • July 26: Promotion of Kisamos- Club, Grambousa pilgrimage excursion from the port of Kisamos to Balos and to the island of Grambousa.

  • July 30 - 31 : Wine festival in Vouves

  • First Sunday of August: Blessing of the fruit of the earth at the Monastery of Archangel Michael (Rotonda) K to Episkopi.

  • July: Festivity of Kalitsouni cheese pie, in Kandanos

  • July: Naval Week in the old harbour and every second year in Palaiochora and Georgioupolis.

  • August 5 - 12 : Prefecture of Chania Agricultural August 2005. 7th exhibition of Quality Cretan Products. Neoria - Chania, 19:30 23:30

  • August 20 : Honey Festivity in Afrata.

  • September: Sardine Festivity in Souda and Nea Hora.

  • September 27: World Day of Tourism Festive events at the old harbour of Chania

  • October 31: Chestnut Festivity in Prases and Elos.

  • November: Tsikoucjia (local drink) Festivity in Neoria - Chania, Loutraki Kidonias, Kandanos, Lake of Platanias.

  • December 31 - January 1 : Festive welcome of the New Year at the Market Square organised by the Municipality of Chania.

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