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A Brits guide to holidaying in Greece

That time of year is fast approaching. You need a big of time to get away from it all. Plus the kids school holidays are nearly here and maybe you're about to plan this year's family holiday. Maybe you've considered Greece as a possible destination. If that's the case this guide will prove very handy for you.

When to go

If planning to visit Greece you want to go when there is strongest likelihood of warm and sunny weather. Greece, like many other Mediterranean countries, has a peak tourist season throughout July and August. If you're prefer not to be a part of the mass crowds, you may find that going in June or September would be more beneficial to you. The heat in these months isn't as overbearing and you can enjoy a quieter getaway if that's your thing.

Where to go

There are over 1000 Greek islands, of which 227 are currently inhabited. Depending on your different requirements and what you want out of your holiday will determine whereabouts in Greece you'd prefer to go.
Hydra is one of the most popular islands boasts some chic boutique hotels occupying restored neo-classical mountains. Meanwhile, Santorini and Mykonos are very rocky and well known for their whitewashed cubic buildings. Both Santorini and Mykonos are among Greece's most commercial and expensive islands. If you choose either of them as your chosen destination then you can expect the glitz and glamour of five-star hotels that have been attracting international travellers for years.


Although lesser visited, the Northeast Aegean still have plenty to offer to potential holiday makers. On one hand you have Lesbos, home of the anise-flavoured ouzo. Chios has its own medieval villages and mastic trees.
Then you have Ionian islands such as Corfu, still among the most popular for British tourists, that covers a broad spectrum from the budget to the luxury markets while also boasting some outstanding beaches.

What to pack

Firstly, you do don't need to pack lots of fancy shoes. If you're planning on a lot of walking, then you'll want to pack some shoes that are comfortable and practical. Ensure the soles are decent as some of the sites and paths can be slippery surfaces at times. If you main goal is to lounge around then a pair of sandals should suffice. These can also be useful on the plane as your feet can swell on a long haul flight.

What to pack

For the day to day you'll want some loose, lightweight clothes so you're comfortable in the heat. The basics like t-shirt and shorts. Ladies, if you visit any monasteries you'll want to ensure you're wearing a reasonable length skirt and your shoulders must be covered to.

You'll definitely want to make sure you and your family have fully up to date European Health Insurance Cards. Hopefully you won't need it, but you'll be thankful you've got it just in case. Pack your swimsuit if you plan to visit any beaches or laze away by the pool. Sun cream is an absolute must and a pair of sunglasses too.

Whatever you and your family get up to, we're sure that you will have a fantastic time when you visit Greece.

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