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Aubergine Salad

Serves 4 Cold Vegetarian Vegan Vegetables Herbs Hors d'oeuvre Starter Appetizer Healthy Eating Dairy Gluten Wheat free Eggless Greece Mediterranean Europe Ingredients:
  • 2 Medium sized Aubergines (eggplant )
  • 2 large Tomatoes
  • Onion, grated
  • The Juice of a Lemon
  • 120ml/4 fl.oz. Olive Oil
  • Salt and pepper
  • A large bunch of Parsley
Preparation: 1. Heat the grill to medium high. Turn the aubergines under the grill until the skin is black and blistered and the flesh very soft. 2. Peel off the skin as soon as you can handle the aubergines and put the flesh in a strainer to remove the excess juice and squeeze gently. Then turn the flesh into a bowl and mash it with a fork. 3. Dip the tomatoes in boiling water for 1 minute, skin and chop them. Add the tomato and the rest of the ingredients to the aubergine and mix well. Serve cold. Back to: Greece Recipes
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