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Nightlife in Athens

Athens has enough places to persuade most entertainment needs although most clubs don't start until after midnight. The nightlife is lively, almost as alive as the town is during the day, it is at night. This occurs in the streets as well as in the hundreds of bars, tavernas and clubs throughout the town. Bars open until around 4:00am and nightclubs until 4:00 am or 6:00 am. The legal drinking age in bars and clubs is 18 years. Prices fluctuate although customers can expect to pay around 5 for a beer or 7 for a whisky. It is not usual to drink wine by the glass in bars in Greece, although wine is always served in restaurants, usually by the half litre. Admission prices fluctuate dramatically from place to place, often increasing at the weekend. Greeks tend to dress casually for a night out.

For an authentic Athenian evening, find a bar or club offering bouzouki or rembetika music. Alternatively, numerous nightclubs and bars cater for European and international tastes. These are to be found principally in the Syntagma, Thissio, Psirri and Kolon ki areas of heart Athens, as well as in the suburbs, such as Kifissia, Faliro, Glyfada, Vouliagm ni, Voula and Varkiza. Also, in numerous kafeneons, bars and ouzeries you will find live music, sometimes even during the day. An evening out in the theater, ballet, classical concert or a pop concert in one of the open air auditorium will leave you with loving memories of Athens. There are many places where you can adore representative Greek music and can dance to it until dawn breaks. The golden rule of respecting others and they will respect you, is as applicable to Athens and its nightlife as it is everywhere else in the world. Don't drink and drive.

Nightlife in Athens

Bars, Casinos, Clubs and Live Music in Athens

It is at 10 Plate a Theatrou, Psirri, behind the central vegetable market. It is another extremely famous bar restaurant. Thai food is attended in the eastern style lounge on the first floor, while the ground floor is given over to house and disco music.

Rock n Roll
It is at 6 Loukianou , Kolon ki. The wealthy and lovely of all ages meet here to enjoy drinking and good music until nighttime. The central dance floor directs the place so it is noisy and crowded but there are a few tables where it is possible to sit and drink and even eat as well. Rock n Roll has a selective admission policy and at weekends it s almost impossible to get in if you don t know the right people.

It is at 41 Kydathineon. This antiquated little bar is a Plaka landmark. It has a stunning backlit wall of coloured bottles, old wine barrels along another wall and a refreshingly picturesque feel. It's a spirits shop by day and a quiet spot for a drink by night. The attractive range of homemade brews should keep you entertained and entertaining.

It is at 4 Delphon , Pefkakia. This is a fashionable bar restaurant with a rather more calm atmosphere.

Loutraki Casino
It is at 48 Posseido, Loutraki. A impressive modern establishment that claims to be one of the hugest casinos of Athens and Europe. It is open 24 hours daily except Wednesday. The minimum age is 23 years.

The Parnes Casino
It works in old fashioned style from the Mont Parnes Hotel, 2 Karageorgi Servias . A mountain cable car carries visitors up to the hotel, day and night. The casino is open daily 19:30 1:45 (until 2:45 on Saturdays) except for Wednesday. Evening dress and a valid passport are required for both establishments.

It a short time ago has been moved to Ag Eleoussis and Kakourgodikiou, just a five minute walk from Monastiraki metro station. Throughout summer, the club leaves to the beach.

Plus Soda
It is at 161 Ermou, Thissio. Some of Europe s top DJs come to play at the renowned Plus Soda. In summer, Plus Soda also leaves to the seaside

It is at 101 L Kifoias, Marousi. Club Venue is a wide open club throughout summer days in Greece and it's near Barkiza town on a small mountain which is erected on the rocks. This is a further elegant and fashionable club where house and techno direct the dance floor

For a more casual but very exciting night out, try Folie, 4 Eslin, Ambelokipi, where visitors of all ages let their hair down to reggae, funk, Latin and ethnic music.

Halfnote Jazz Club
It is at 17 Trivonianou, Mets. This refined place performs contemporary and classic jazz, jazz funk and blues concerts, presenting international musicians

Blues Hall
It is at 44 Ardittou (near to the Panathenaic Stadium). In this place both Greek and foreign blues artists present.

It is at 24 Marni, Omonia. Rock music fanatics might prefer Rodhon. The atmosphere here is casual and fun and the club presents some brilliant rock and pop concerts.

Stoa Athanaton
To hear genuine remb tika (blues sung by immigrants from Asia Minor who came to Greece in 1920s), try the notorious Stoa Athanaton in the arcade inside the Central Market (reservations necessary on Friday and Saturday nights)

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